A Merri meander

105 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia

A Merri meander

105 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia
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Wander around the delights of Merri, the best pocket of Northcote, across the creek into North Fitzroy and back. Start High St tram stop and end at Westgarth Station.

A Merri meander

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(The link above is to the Friends of Merri Creek)

Merri is a small part of Northcote around Merri train station. There are lots of interesting things to find walking around the streets and the Merri Creek. Many of the locals seem very friendly and car speeds are relatively slow traffic apart from on the appalling Merri Pde. Watch out for maniacs driving round the blind corner on Merri Pde near Barry St. The speed limit is 60 km/h and it should be 40 if not 30 but VicRoads does not seem to care much.

High St shops include a few cafe's, chemist, newsagent, a small licensed grocer and of course the wonderful Westgarth Cinema. Union St has about 40 mosaic pavers set in the nature strip that some of the locals have made, there should be more streets like this!

Wandering along the Merri Creek is a joy thanks to the tireless work of the Friends of Merri Creek a community group that has actively worked since 1988 to restore and protect the Merri Creek, its environs and tributaries. This has helped the return of an abundance of wildlife such as rainbow lorikeets, wattle birds, magpies, even a powerful owl and an echidna have been spotted around the creek.

There is a great dog off leash area that attracts people from far and wide (but please keep your dogs on a leash until you get there).

If you are into street art, there are a couple of real beauties on this walk.

The area is very well supported by public transport so no need to drive to get there, in fact this should be avoided. It has two train stations (Merri Station on the Epping line and Westgarth on the Hurstbridge line), the High street tram (No. 86) and St Georges Rd tram (No 112), La Trobe Uni, Northland/Garden City bus (250/2501/253) and Westgarth/Moonee Ponds bus (506).


Points of Interest

1. Union St pavers

See up to 40 mosaic pavers made by local residents, many of them are set in wonderful nature strips of indigenous plants (some have a few pests like agapanthus).

2. The seahorse

The seahorse paver is a beauty!

3. Bird of Paradise mosiac

Bird of Paradise, there is one in a front yard too.

4. Crossing Westgarth St, Watch out for fast cars!

Cars coming racing around the bind corner from Merri Pde, so watch out! VicRoads puts the speed limit at 60 km/h which is absolutely ridiculous. When will they learn?

5. Dog off leash area

This big off leash area is a great walk even if you don't have a dog. You can even walk down to the creek or up along the train line but watch out for trains if you have kids.

6. The mural

Love this mural but don't know much about it though. Unfortunately, the mural has now been painted over :((

7. Rushall community garden

Sometimes I sit on the hill among the indigenous grasses and trees and watch the gardeners.

8. Community garden mural

My kids love this wild looking vegetable!

9. Rushall station, no cycling!

Despite the no cycling signs, many cyclists illegally ride in the underpass. Some don't even bother to ring their bell (very inconsiderate!). Makes it hard for kids and elderly.

10. The shared path

They recently widened the path which is great. So many wonderful plants and animals, walkers and riders. It is always interesting, the light changes with the seasons and time of day.

11. The Merri Creek

The joy of the sound of running water. Sometimes I walk along here at night in winter, shut my eyes and think of the bush. A saw a snake here once.

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