Gawa Wurundjeri Resource Walk and cafe stop

873-883 Eltham Rd, Christmas Hills VIC 3097, Australia

Gawa Wurundjeri Resource Walk and cafe stop

873-883 Eltham Rd, Christmas Hills VIC 3097, Australia
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Short self-guided walk amongst indigenous vegetation and Watsons Creek learning about how local Wurundjeri people used the available natural resources.

Gawa Wurundjeri Resource Walk and cafe stop

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This trail is designed to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of how the Wurundjeri used the land to provide themselves with food, medicines, implements, shelters and the clothes they wore - all seen as created for their enjoyment and use by their Dreamtime spirits.

The people who saw this part of the Yarra Valley as their homeland were the Wurundjeri-willam. This clan of about 50 closely related individuals of all ages moved across the land on a seasonal basis, hunting and gathering its rich resources of wild foods as each came on stream.

In 1840 the land on this side of Watsons Creek became part of James Murray's Watsons Creek Station. This made it difficult for Wurundjeri people to continue their former hunting and gathering strategies. In 1854 gold was discovered in the streams flowing into Watsons Creek and this saw hundreds of diggers crowd in, making life for the Wurundjeri even more difficult. This site is now jointly managed by Nillumbik Shire Council and Parks Victoria, who have kindly permitted the Nillumbik Reconciliation Group to construct the walking trail.

Walking the trail
The 340m trail consists of a main track with a loop. The main track leads to a lookout area over Watsons Creek. The loop track takes you through the diverse and interesting vegetation of the Gawa Reserve.

The self-guided trail is designed to be travelled in a clockwise direction. Each number on the hyper-linked brochure corresponds to a marker along the trail. To help preserve this area for future visitors please read the following important information:
* stay on the walk trail at all times
* do not collect, remove or damage any plants -they are all protected
* dogs to be on leash at all times
* take all rubbish with you.


Points of Interest

1. Starting point

Entry point to the Gawa Wurundjeri Resource trail.

2. Burgan

Plant with straight stems used by Wurundjeri to make spears.

3. Lomandra

Grass-like plant used for weaving baskets used for fruit and bulb collecting and cooking.

4. Bracken

Young stems ground to starchy paste for baking. Also treatment for insect stings.

5. Warendji (Wombat)

Wombat burrow. Look but respect.

6. Coranderrk (Native Mint Bush)

Plant with leaves used for food seasoning and stems used as a fire starting tool.

7. Watsons Creek viewing point

View along the Watson creek, which abounded with freshwater food resources such as fish, eels, yabbies, platypus, reeds and water birds.

8. Urrun (manna gum)

Large white trunked eucalypts frequently along local water courses.

9. Stringybarks

Large rough barked trees used for rope making and shelters.

10. Cafe

A few hundred metres south-west of the trail is a pleasant cafe.

11. Gawa (echidna)

If you're lucky you might see an echidna fossicking around near the trail. These were eaten by elders only.


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