Wodonga - Mahers Hill

13 Lees Lane, Bonegilla VIC 3691, Australia

Wodonga - Mahers Hill

13 Lees Lane, Bonegilla VIC 3691, Australia
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2 h 10 m
8.67 km
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A ridge walk which has 360 degree views across the Murray and Kiewa Valleys

Wodonga - Mahers Hill

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On the outskirts of Wodonga is Mahers Hill, which is accessible from Lees Lane, off Mahers Road. At a leisurely pace I was able to complete the out-and-return track in just under two hours. There are a number of short steep segments but nothing that really demanded higher levels of fitness.

It's a track that gives: There are outstanding panoramic views across the whole region, extending as far as Kosciuszko and Perisher Valley in NSW to the east and to Tangambalanga in the west. With Lake Hume in the foreground it is indeed a beautiful vista inaccessible to those who would remain in their car for any sight-seeing.

The track is in very good condition and easy to follow. It has two divisions once on the ridge: an eastern (outward) leg and a western (inward) leg, running pretty much in parallel and divided by a fence line.


Points of Interest

1. Turnstile entry

Thanks to Parklands Albury Wodonga management, a trusty turnstile points the way

2. Ascent tracks - either west or east

Both lead to the same junction, on either side of the fence line

3. Lake Hume

The first glimpse of Lake Hume comes into view.

4. Lake Hume

The expanse of Lake Hume can be appreciated once you gain some altitude

5. Mahers Hill ridgeline

The destination is a reasonably gentle ascent

6. The splendour of the Murray Valley

With views past Tallangatta and Corryong to the snowfields of Kosciuszko and Perisher Valley. This view alone made the walk worthwhile!

7. The descent on return

Returning via the west track


Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake


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