Westgate Park Heath walk

Merriman Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Westgate Park Heath walk

Merriman Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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20 m
1.39 km
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Enjoy the sheltered pathways through Heath and Red gum woodland. Pass waterways with abundant bird life and mixed plantings of Australian natives.

Westgate Park Heath walk

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Westgate Park is a 40 Hectare stretching 1.8 Km from Todd Road under Westgate Bridge to the Yarra River. The park is only 6k from the centre of Melbourne.
The area along the river including the park was once home several Aboriginal clans before John Batman visited in 1835.
Following Batman declaring "this will be the place for a village" the area has been part of industrial Melbourne.
In 1985 the Park was dedicated to the people of Victoria as part of Victorias 150th anniversary. Parks Victoria are responsible for the administration of the park with much of the revisitation being undertaken by the land care group "Friends of Westgate Park"


Points of Interest

1. Saltwater Lake

Start walk from the main car park, passing under an old prototype bridge span which acts as a noticeboard, walk to the right of the BBQ and shelter, up the gravel path towards Todd Road.

2. BBQ shelter

Freshwater lake from the BBQ shelter. The toilets are to your left. Head up the gravel path towards Todd Road passing thru the Red gum woodlands

3. Red gum woodlands

Follow the path parallel to Todd Road to the end

4. Steps to Heat

At the corner there are steps to down to the sandy Heath land plantings.

5. Heath walk

Mixed plantings with an abundance of colour

6. Friends of Westgate Park compound

The nursery of "Friends of Westgate Park" Continue following road to the end of the chain link fence.

7. Sandy Heathland

Turn left onto the walking track with the small pond on your left. Sit and enjoy the birdlife.

8. Freshwater Lake

At the end of the small walking track veer left on the gravel road towards the fresh water lake. Before the lake there is a set of stairs leading to a walking track. Take the stairs.

9. Back to Road

At the end of the walking track after views of the freshwater lake you will join back with the road, continue walking right around the lake to again be at the BBQ shelter.

10. Freshwater Lake

From industrial wast storage to a major water catchment.

11. Friends

Don't forget to look up and down.


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