Aireys Inlet cliff-top walk

15 Inlet Crescent, Aireys Inlet VIC 3231, Australia

Aireys Inlet cliff-top walk

15 Inlet Crescent, Aireys Inlet VIC 3231, Australia
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Start near the Split Point Lighthouse and go along the limestone cliff tops with spectacular views of the coast to finish at beautiful Sunnymead Beach. Includes sidetracks to beaches and rock pools.

Aireys Inlet cliff-top walk

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If you like this walk, the link above is to the "Fairhaven to Aireys Inlet Walk" which also starts/finishes at the Lighthouse and goes to Fairhaven in the opposite direction.

This cliff top walk is a beauty, particularly early in the morning as you can see the sun come up over the sea, but there is lots to see at any time of the day and any season (although it can get a bit cold and blowy in winter).

The cliffs and beaches are subject to erosion so they seem to change with the seasons a little.

Look out for Echidnas and the threatened Rufous Bristlebirds which are ground dwelling birds that can sometimes be seen in the undergrowth. They eat ground dwelling invertebrates and seeds.

The Swamp Antichinus can occasionally be seen around Sunnymead during late afternoon and night. Small traffic tunnels through the grass can be a sign they are around.

There are some seats along the way, a few with great views. Mostly it is pretty easy but there a few steps here and there and the odd rough bit of track, but nothing major.

There always seem to be many friendly walkers and dog walkers (but some don't have dogs on a leash when they are supposed to, so watch out if you have little ones who are not used to dogs).


Points of Interest

1. Painkalac Creek

Walk starts here. I love it in the morning when the sun shines on Fairhaven. Painkalac Creek separates Aireys Inlet from Fairhaven.

2. Painkalac Creek inlet

This part of Painkalac Creek is a salt lake inlet nestled behind the sand dunes. Due to low water levels in the inlet it is not often that the inlet breaks through to the ocean.

3. Wooden sculpture

I love this 'one eyed' wooden sculpture but no nothing about it. It is very mesmerising.

4. Steps to the Lighthouse

Don't know why, but I always seem to want to run up these steps (and I am not a runner).

5. Split Point Lighthouse

The Split Point Lighthouse was built in 1891 and stands 34 metres. Some people call it the "White Queen" The next lighthouses are at Cape Otway and Point Lonsdale.

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6. 'Eagle Rock' or 'Table Rock'

Note sure if this is Eagle Rock or Table Rock but it is very impressive when the sun is behind it on an early summer morning.

7. Looking across to Lorne

From up near the Lighthouse you can see around the coast line towards Lorne.

8. Towards Sandy Gulley

Sandy Gully beach is peaking around from one of the many lookouts.

9. Sandy Gully early morning

A favourite beach for walkers in the early morning, particularly at low tide.

10. Sandy Gully beach

The beach is a very popular family beach although, the sand can be steep to the water and the waves quite strong, so watch out for little ones.

11. Cliff top view out to sea

Lots of viewing spots between Sandy Gully and Sunnymead to look out at the rollers heading landwards.

12. Walking the dogs

A great path for walking the dogs

13. Shady track

Some parts of the track have wonderful branches of small trees providing shade and birdlife.

14. View to Sunnymead

Glimpses of Sunnymead beach along teh track

15. Looking down to the rockpools

The rockpools look so inviting. The treasures waiting to be found! At low tide you can walk all the way to Sandy Gully along the rocks.

16. I can see the sea.

The last bit of the track to Sunnymead is a bit narrow, but a delight nonetheless.

17. Sunnymead with dog off-leash area

Wow, what a beach. Flat sand, child friendly and rockpools to explore. Half the beach is dog off-leash. (check signs for seasonal changes to hours).

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18. Dog off-leash areas

Here is another dog off-leash area but please check all signs at beaches for seasonal information regarding restricted hours over summer for dogs.

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