Beaufort Lake Track 1 Walk

140 Skipton Road, Beaufort VIC 3373, Australia

Beaufort Lake Track 1 Walk

140 Skipton Road, Beaufort VIC 3373, Australia
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30 m
2.04 km
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Stroll around the Lake in Beaufort - Track 1

Beaufort Lake Track 1 Walk

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Enter the lake at the Recreation and Caravan park enter, and park near the lake. Starting walking through the Caravan Park, however then through bushland along the Lake (keep an eye out for snakes and other wild life). There is some exercise equipment on this track if you wanting to burn more energy. Remember to follow track one signs when you come across forks in the road (if no sign take left track). You will also come across bridge to Snake Island which provides you with a viewing point of the lake (however needs a bit more rain to be full). Come back across the Snake Island bridge and continue along the path keeping the lake on your left (if you went via Caravan Park first). There are two boat ramps at this lake and when the water is up it love for a kayak. You will then come across the first boat ramp, then cross over the wall to the other. Making your way back to the starting point. There is a BBQ area need the boat ramp on the side closes to Football Oval.


Points of Interest

1. Caravan Park Entry

Walk through Caravan Park. Please be aware this is share zone with Caravan Park, walking track and cars

2. Track

River is a little dry

3. Bridge

Entering the Bush

4. Seating

Seating is spaced out along this track.

5. Pier

Pier with some local Ducks awaiting the return of the water

6. Exercise equipment

There are two stations along track 1

7. Bridge to Snake Island

Snake Island

8. Snake Island

Cross back over the bridge to re-join the track

9. Track


10. Water Birds

Some of the local wildlife

11. Lake View

Seating along the lake and nice view

12. Track across the Lake

Across the Lake, nice when there has be rain

13. Boat Ramp 1

Boat Ramp

14. Wall Acrossing

Across the wall to other side

15. Bridge home

Bridge to second boat ramp and BBQ area. Start of the walk

16. BBQ Area

BBQ Area


Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Seating Available Seating Available
Pram friendly Pram friendly


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