Queenscliff Dune Walk

The Esplanade, Queenscliff VIC 3225, Australia

Queenscliff Dune Walk

The Esplanade, Queenscliff VIC 3225, Australia
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51 m
3.46 km
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An easy family walk along a winding track through the dunes and back along the beach. The fort half way along the dune track is an irresistible place for kids to play.

Queenscliff Dune Walk

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This walk starts at the carpark next to the Cottage by the Sea. Take the bush track that heads towards Point Lonsdale. Follow the winding track to an old fort which is super fun for the kids to play on and in. A big tower can be seen from the rooftop of the fort and it is great fun to jump off!

After the fort, the track begins to change and the trees become taller. It is a beautiful section and it feels like you are walking through a tunnel. There is no access to the beach after the fort and so you will need to continue to the Point Lonsdale rock wall to access the beach.

Walk along the beach until you reach the stairs that lead up to the carpark.


Points of Interest

1. Grassy Carpark

Park next to the Cottage by the Sea and head into the bush to start the walk

2. Bushy track

The kids couldn't wait to see what was down this bushy track and be adventurers!

3. Varied walk

This track is varied enough to keep the littlest kids interested

4. Shady and sheltered

The path is very shady and sheltered. It was too windy to swim and play at the beach on this day so a dune walk was a perfect option for these energetic kids

5. Fort

These kids played for about half an hour on this fort. They climbed, jumped off the roof, went inside and used their imaginations. They loved it!

6. Fort wall

some more climbing fun

7. Tunnel

the kids said it felt like going through a tunnel

8. Ocean view

There is a view of the ocean here and you feel like you are close to beach access but there is still a bit more walking till you reach the beach

9. Track from Point Lonsdale

The track joins up with the walk track/bike path that comes from Point Lonsdale.

10. Point Lonsdale Sea Wall

some irresistible rocks to walk on

11. End of sea wall

Some irresistible rocks to play on!

12. Beautiful beach

You can enjoy a walk along this beach no matter what the weather because it is simply divine.

13. Seaweed

Seaweed is fun to play with and there is plenty of different types of seaweed along this beach to enjoy.

14. Stairs up to carpark

These stairs lead up to the carpark. They are just after the LifeSaving flags (if they are up).


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Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
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