Princes Bridge Yarra River loop

2 Princes Walk, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Princes Bridge Yarra River loop

2 Princes Walk, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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A wonderful walk from Princes Bridge along Princes Walk to Birrarung Marr across Swan Street Bridge, back along the Capital City Trail and over Princess Bridge. Takes 20 minutes at a brisk pace.

Princes Bridge Yarra River loop

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This is one of the most popular walks in Melbourne. It is perfect for city workers to get some exercise, fresh air, clear the head at lunchtime and refresh themselves for the rest of the day. The walk follows along the banks of the Yarra River so it is relatively quiet and free of traffic, apart from the two bridge crossings.

There is lots of space, so it is a good route for a group walk or even a walking meeting. Walking meetings are a great way to discuss, solve problems and get exercise all at the same time.

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Points of Interest

1. The start

Start near the 'Princes Walk' sign in between Federation Square and Princess Bridge and walk down the path to the river.

2. Path to Birrarung Marr

Walk down to Birrarung Marr and you soon leave the traffic sounds behind.

3. View of the Yarra

Looking across the Yarra river to the Boathouses. If you walk in the morning or evening you will usually see rowers on the water.

4. Angel

An iconic Melbourne Sculpture by Deborah Halpern.

5. The shady path to the bridge

The wide shady path is gravel for the first few hundred metres before it becomes paved near Batman Avenue. There are some toilets on the left hand side.

6. Looking up the river

This magnificent view may help you ignore the traffic on the bridge.

7. High and low path

Once off the bridge, you can choose the higher more shady or lower path near the waters edge.

8. The steps

There are two sets of steps nearby. Why not go up an down them a few times to get the blood pumping!

9. The high path

More shade on the high path and a better view across the river.

10. Left before the Bridge

Turn left before the bridge back up to St Kilda Rd (or continue on to Southbank and cross the river at the footbridge back to Flinders St Station).

11. Princess Bridge

Cross Princess Bridge and you are back at the start, and should feel fresh and reinvigorated!


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