Screw Creek Nature Walk

2 Cuttriss Street, Inverloch VIC 3996, Australia

Screw Creek Nature Walk

2 Cuttriss Street, Inverloch VIC 3996, Australia
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A gorgeous walk with beautiful views and lots of wildlife! Suitable for children.

Screw Creek Nature Walk

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Screw Creek Nature Walk is a must if you're in the area. The walk is fairly easy, with an easy track and boardwalk. If the tide is out, you can walk on the sand all the way back. Our 2 year old managed to walk quite long portions of the track so it should be suitable for most children 2+. She was fascinated by all the different plants and crabs along the way. The scenery is superb. A must see!

For more information on the flora see this link


Points of Interest

1. Start of walk

Walk through the Inverloch Foreshore Camping Reserve to reach the start of the walk. It's obviously signed and the track is easy to follow.

2. So much to see

The plants are varied and colourful so there's lots to see and touch along the way.

3. Beach view

The tide was out when we went so we could see sand practically all the way to the horizon.

4. Board walk

Takes you across the creek.

5. Check out the crabs

If the tide is out, it's possible to spot see and hear the tiny mud crabs as they climb in and out of their holes. Looks like synchronised mud dancing - quite mesmerising after watching for a while.


More lovely views

7. Shade

Some welcome shade from the sun!

8. View to the sea

The sea is very far away at low tide!

9. Take a walk on the beach of course

And dip your feet in the water if you're into that too.

10. Pink crabs

We watched these little pink crabs for a while too. They're a bit tickly if you pick one up and put them on your hand (gently of course)!

11. Looking back

A great view across the sand. What a lovely beach!


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