Bendigo - Free Ranging

189 Hargreaves St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

Bendigo - Free Ranging

189 Hargreaves St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

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Check out this trail to see some of Bendigo's amazing sculptures, beautiful parks, cool playgrounds and funky street art. Most things are free or cost a small fee. Bring some change for ice cream too!

Bendigo - Free Ranging

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Check out this trail to see some of Bendigo's amazing sculptures, beautiful parks, cool playgrounds and funky street art. Most things are free or cost a small fee. Bring some change for ice cream too!


1. Start your walk at the Rush Gateway sculpture near the Bendigo Library.

2. Go to Hargreaves Street and cross at the pedestrian crossing, then take a wander through Chancery Lane.

3. Turn left into Pall Mall and go to the Shamrock Hotel.

4. Outside Shamrock Hotel, cross at the traffic lights and head towards Bendigo's Information Centre (toilets available here). You'll pass the Bendigo Magistrates' Court.

5. Turn left into Bull Street and follow the pedestrian path towards the Conservatory Gardens. You can admire the colourful flowers and check out the awesome sculpture of a man fighting a leopard that's being bitten by a dog!

6. Go across the bridge into the lovely Rosalind Park. There is a water tap just before crossing the bridge.

7. Turn right and follow Bendigo Creek all the way till you get to Park Road. Go to the Bendigo Chinese Precinct (be careful crossing the road here as there are no traffic lights).

8. After doing a loop around the Chinese Precinct, cross Park Road again (with care!) and into Rosalind Park.

9. When you're in the park, turn right and you'll be in the fernery.

10. Follow the path towards the Children's Play Space, which you can visit outside school hours.

11. Follow the path up the hill to the cascades fountain.

12. Continue up the hill to visit the giant rabbit.

13. Follow the path back towards the side of the Bendigo Art Gallery where a large lane will bring you out onto View Street.

14. Turn left into View Street and continue to the main traffic lights in the Centre of town. You might see the talking tram pass by.

15. Cross the traffic lights to the centre of View street.

16. Cross another set of lights into the Alexandra Fountain.

17. Continue across another set of lights into Mitchell Street and turn right. The ice-creamery is almost directly opposite the fountain.

18. After finishing your ice-creams, go back to Mitchell Street and turn right. Walk to Bath Lane and turn right.

19. Walk down the lane to the pedestrian crossing which will lead you into Pennyweight walk.

20. Congratulations! You have finished your walk. Why not bring some friends along the next time you go on this walk?

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Points of Interest

1. The Rush Gateway - Bendigo Library Gardens

Start your walk under The Rush Gateway. What do the strange shapes on the top mean? Don't even think of climbing this as it is huge.

2. Chancery Lane artwork

Drop by Chancery Lane and see if you can spot these colourful creations! There's local artwork, coffee shops and clothing boutiques to enjoy.

3. Meet a Chancery Lane resident

Not quite a doggy in the window but you can make friends with this one - he won't bite!

4. Who do you know?

Take a closer look to see who you might recognise on these walls.

5. Shamrock Hotel - corner Pall Mall & Williamson St

Built in 1854. The gold miners who came to see a show allegedly threw gold nuggets at the feet of a performer one night. Hotel staff later picked them up as tips! What a great job!

6. Bendigo Visitor's Information Centre - 67 Pall Mall

You can find lots of information about things to do here. There are brochures, displays and more. Toilets are available at the rear of the building.

7. Bendigo Magistrates' Court , 71 Pall Mall

There are fantastic lions and gargoyles at the front of the Magistrates' Court. How many lions and gargoyles can you see? What are they doing outside the Magistrates' Court?

8. Conservatory Gardens

Established in 1901 and home to Australia's oldest glass hothouse, and the sculpture of a man fighting a leopard being bitten by a dog! Water tap is at the rear of the gardens towards Rosalind Park.

9. Rosalind Park

The creek was an important source of food and water for the Dja Dja Wrung people who lived in this area. This grassy woodland with River Red Gums became a goldfield, then converted into a public park.

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10. Chinatown precinct

Once home to the Chinese miners in Bendigo, this place gives you a taste of Chinese culture and history. It's also a great space to run around and explore! See how many lions and dragons you can find.

11. Golden Dragon Museum

Dragons are a popular and auspicious mythical creature in Chinese culture. See these fearsome and colourful creatures up close! Check out the fun activities if you\'re here during school holidays.

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12. Lotus flower

The Lotus flower is often used as a symbol for purity and truth. Can you find the other giant flowers in the area?

13. Rosalind Park Fernery

Enjoy the cool air as you walk through the fernery. The River Red Gums here are from the original landscape hundreds of years ago. Look up and see if you can spot a bat or two!

14. Rosalind Park - resting stop

There are many shady areas where you can stop and have a rest, or simply run around to explore the area.

15. Playground - open after school hours

Playground heaven! Slides, climbing decks, fireman's pole, bridges, a sandpit, and a large climbing net! Wheelchair accessible in most areas. There's also a drinking fountain here.

16. Cascades fountain and waterfall

A cool spot for birds and people to enjoy the park. Built in the 1880s, the original structures fell apart until it was partially rebuilt in 1997.

17. Peter the Rabbit

This Rabbit is called Peter. What's Peter looking at? What\'s he thinking? Who put him here? Why? So many interesting questions for a giant rabbit. If only he could talk.

18. Bendigo Vintage Trams

If you're lucky you might spot the Vintage Talking Tram Tour. Hop on to join the tour but note that you'll have to stay on till it comes back to this spot again to continue your walk.

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19. Alexandra Fountain - Charing Cross

Imagine having a fountain named after you. This was named after Alexandra, Princess of Wales whose sons, Princes Albert and George, attended the opening ceremony on 5 July 1881.

20. Bendigo Ice Creamery

Check out the many flavours available here. You can sit outside to enjoy your ice-cream while making other people jealous!

21. Pennyweight Walk

A free gallery with fantastically colourful artwork by young local artists. Get your fix of street art here.


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