Sydney Harbour Bridge explorer

11 Blue St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge explorer

11 Blue St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia
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5.19 km
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A dramatically scenic and also historic urban walk taking in some Australian icons - the Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli and views to Sydney City and the Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge explorer

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This walk has a great mix of scenery and history, moving from grand landscapes to intimate spaces. Starting and finishing at North Sydney train station, it explores the Harbour Bridge and surrounds from all angles. You can walk it in either direction, but make sure you allow at least a couple of hours to take in all the views and account for the hilly topography. Three hours might allow time for coffee breaks!


Points of Interest

1. Pedestrian path

Coming out of the train station towards the Harbour Bridge you will soon come to these steps - walk up them.

2. Business in the bridge

The pedestrian path emerges on the other side of the railway line and you can walk alongside the start of the Harbour Bridge, which has some interesting businesses built into it, including this cafe.

3. Bradfield Park

Bradfield Park runs alongside the Bridge - make sure you check out the signs explaining the interesting history of the Bridge.

4. Steps onto the Bridge

Walk through Milsons Point train station under the Bridge, and at this point you've got the option of walking up onto it to take in the views.

5. Milsons Point shops

Quite a few shops here if you need them, including more built into the Bridge itself.

6. Historic houses

There are some beautiful historic houses on these very picturesque streets, including this real oldie.

7. Milson Park

A nice walk down to this park, which has a small playground, toilets and access to the water.

8. Kirribilli wharf

As an optional detour follow the signs down to the rather cute Kirribilli wharf, with a small cafe and great views. There's even the option of taking a ferry to the city if you feel inclined.

9. Kirribilli House - Prime Minister's Sydney residence

Not exactly Versailles, quite modest really. However not an unpleasant place for one to reside. Unsurprisingly, the house is not open to casual visitors, but you get this view from the street.

10. Lady Gowrie Lookout

Another detour option for access to the coast (but there's more of that to come).

11. Down the steps

Turn left down Mirradong Place (steps/walkway) just past Admiralty House.

12. Coastal path

A meandering coastal path offers great views of some of Australia's most famous landmarks, including the harbour, Sydney CBD and the Opera House. And the Bridge of course.

13. Luna Park

Did I mention Luna Park? There's a pool here too.

14. Lavender Bay path

A beautiful path runs alongside the bay here, with views back to the city. Look out for the whimsical sculptures hiding in the garden on the landward side of the path.

15. Wendy's Secret Garden

Look for the little tunnel under the railway line and head up the steps. Look for this little garden with some striking sculpture on the way up. Make sure you look back at the view now and then.


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