Werribee Park Sculpture Walk

Main Dr, Werribee South VIC 3030, Australia

Werribee Park Sculpture Walk

Main Dr, Werribee South VIC 3030, Australia

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A lovely walk that showcases work by Australia's leading sculptors, Werribee Mansion, its beautiful gardens and the Werribee River. A walk on mostly even ground except for a steep section of stairs.

Werribee Park Sculpture Walk

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A lovely walk that showcases work by Australia's leading sculptors, Werribee Mansion, its beautiful gardens and the Werribee River. A walk on mostly even ground except for a steep section of stairs.


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"Winning works from the annual Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, held from March to May in the Mansion's spectacular formal gardens, have formulated the beginnings of this permanent exhibition. These winning works combined with a selection of finalist pieces from previous Lempriere Awards offer an outstanding sculptural experience."

Whether you're an artist, sculpture afficionado or simply like to walk and look at interesting things, this sculpture walk will entertain and intrigue you.

There are 29 pieces of work in the Sculpture Walk. Not all sculptures were included in this walk as we simply couldn't find them all (see if you can find the missing ones).

It was a pleasure to take this walk in the surrounds of historic trees and buildings. Please refer to the Parks Victoria map for more detailed information about the walk and artists notes.

This walk is accessible by public transport. Simply catch a train to Werribee station. From there, bus 439 will take you all the way to Werribee Mansion. The bus also stops at Werribee Zoo if you would like to visit the animals there!

The Parks Victoria office is located in the mansion. You can find other maps and information about tours of Werribee Park.

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Points of Interest

1. Inner - Gary Deirmendjian, 2005

Made of sandstone, the installation aims to evoke and question the tensions between one's objective and subjective realities - the former striving for perspective and the latter for engagement.

2. Meant To Be - Colin Langridge, 2005

Mean To Be is the result of developing the cooperating process of wooden construction, where bent wooden laths are shaped to form hollow containers.

3. Zephyr - Tim Edwards, 2005

Zephyr is a sculptural self portrait by Edwards. The interface of the human and the machine is a source of contemplation acting as a metaphor for production, aspiration and restriction.

4. The Comrade's Reward - William Eicholtz, 2004

This popular 19th century genre is reintrepreted in an eclectic and contemporary way, deliberately references antiquity and unfashionable ideas of heroism and folly within a camp and knowing artifice.

5. Ether - Ari Purhonen, 2002

Ether embodies an optical effect produced by the natural phenomenon of light. Rotating vertically around the axis, the illusion is created by an optical interference patter within the sculpture.

6. Death of white good - Alexander Knox, 2005

Far from the chaos of an airline crash, Death of a White Good is a picturesque ruin. It is unclear if seconds or millennia have transpired since the crash.

7. As weeks go by - Laurens Tan, 2004

As Weeks Go By represents 4 weeks of time as they disappear before our eyes, including the opportunities built into each day as represented by randomly perforated cans.

8. Meniscii - Julia Davis, 2007

Meniscii explores the perceptions of, and relationships between objects, spaces and places. In particular the relationship between the earth and the sky.

9. Migration - Ian Burns & John Clark, 2005

Migration is concerned with movement and the relationship between the individual components and the mas they represent in formation.

10. Meanwhile... Down South in Tasmania - Bob Jenyns, 2005

This sculpture explores the way in which aspects of history repeats itself, often in unexpected and ironical ways.

11. Hut - Karen Ward 2000

Hut symbolises the house, the home, the shack, the cubby-house and he hermit's retreat. It also alludes to the potential to dream that is inherent within all of these structures.

12. Fractal construction - David Jensz, 2005

The curved form of Fractal Construction approximates the end of a massive pipe projecting from the ground.

13. Prosthetic apartment B - Richard Goodwin, 2004

Prosthetic Apartment B is an installation which creates a building within Werribee Park. As a site-specific work it brings the idea of habitation to a public park.

14. Portal to another time and place - Deborah Halpern, 2004

As related by Halpern, her work is 'An arch in the shape of a face, leaning on its nose. To see something whimsical, surprising and delightful in the landscape is always inspiring'.

15. Swarm - Nigel Helyer

Swarm consists of a series of laser cut acrylic objects closely resembling microscopic marine forms, each supporting a solar powered digital circuit, amplifier and speaker.

16. Exoskeleton pod - Richard Goodwin 2000

Exoskeleton Pod speculate about minimum architectures and the point at which the body stops and architecture begins.

17. Remannt - Mike Taylor, 2004

A burnt gum tree gives Remnant its primary form but the work has much to do with historical allusions as natural forces.

18. Upperground - Ewen Coates, 2006

Upperground resembles a cathedral structure; raising questions about the relevance of the church and evolution of traditional teachings, in an era when religion causes schisms in our world.

19. Passage - Fiona Orr, 2002

The concept of the frame has strong associations with history, painting and museums. Orr's been developing sculptural frames over recent years and is interested in taking the frame out of the gallery.

20. Rothko's chapel - Konstantin Dimopoulos, 2007

Rothko's Chapel is a dynamic sculpture exploring and expressing through colour, line and movement, the simple and reverential colour variations of renowned 20th century painter Mark Rothko.

21. Werribee River

Take a rest along the river and enjoy the scenery.

22. Wall - Mark Stoner, 2002-03

Wall is suggestive of great density and permanence; it is tough and uncompromising in its form - asserting itself within the landscape but remaining separate from it.

23. Werribee Park Historic Orchard

Planted in the late 1800s, the orchard produced apples, quinces, pear and stone fruits.

24. Werribee Park

Werribee Park has superbly landscaped gardens that seem to stretch on forever. In it are many heritage trees and curious plants from exotic countries.

25. Werribee Mansion

Built in the late 1880s by the Chirnside brothers, successful pastoralists from Scotland. The Chirnside family lived here till the 1920s. The site was later used as a seminary by the Catholic Church.


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