Bittangebee Creek, Ben Boyd National Park

Green Cape Rd, Green Cape NSW 2551, Australia

Bittangebee Creek, Ben Boyd National Park

Green Cape Rd, Green Cape NSW 2551, Australia
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This wonderful short walk from Bittangebee Bay Camping ground is part of the 9km track to Saltwater Creek. It is hard not to see an abundance of animal and bird life!

Bittangebee Creek, Ben Boyd National Park

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The walk has the option of taking a track that follows closely along the lagoon, if you don't mind clambering over rocks, suggest you take this and then cut through to the lagoon when it is close (as mapped walk suggests).

Animals we saw on this walk included wallabies, goannas, a red bellied black snake, soldier crabs, dolphins, Wonga pigeons, gallahs and parrots.

At nightime in the area you might also see wombats, bats and bandicoots.

Information below is from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service website (see link):

Bittangabee Bay, in Ben Boyd National Park, is a rocky enclosed bay with a small beach, offering secluded fishing, swimming, kayaking, birdwatching and whale watching. Bittangabee Bay is in the southern precinct of Ben Boyd National Park. To get there:

Travel south of Eden for 18km along Princes Highway
Turn left on Edrom Road and follow it for 6km
Turn right onto the unsealed Green Cape Road, and follow it for 15km until you reach Bittangabee Access Road.
Turn left and follow the road for about 3km, to the end.


Points of Interest

1. Wallaby and joey

The wallabies around the camping area are quite tame, including this one with a joey!

2. Goanna

In the warmer months you might see goannas. like this one.

3. Little creek

The path leads down to a little creek.

4. The creek

This is not the Bittangabee Creek!

5. Steps

A gentle climb up a small hill.

6. The ruins

The beginnings of a stone house that was never completed. Some believe it was constructed by the Imlay brothers.

7. Wombat burrows

There are many wombat burrows around, but you need to walk at night to see them.

8. Anthills

Anthills like this can be found across Ben Boyd.

9. Bittangebee Creek

The creek is a wonderful place to stop or climb along the rocks along the creek bed.

10. Heath

This is the floral emblem of Victoria, but also found in NSW.

11. Top of the lagoon

When walking back, cut down to the lagoon to this point. b

12. Soldier crabs

If you are lucky you will see thousands of soldier crabs walking along the shore, an amazing sight!

13. Rock pools

Lots of rock pools to look at.

14. The lagoon

The lagoon looking out to see. The is a wonderful little sandy beach round the corner that is great of swimming.


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