Mount Zero


Mount Zero

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33 m
2.24 km
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This walk goes from the Mount Zero car park up to the top of Mount Zero.

Mount Zero

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Mount Zero is made up of carboniferous sandstone, amongst the oldest in Victoria. It is the northernmost point of the Grampians. The walk to the top is on the same path as the walk back, although there is short diversion through a narrow gap in the rocks.
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Points of Interest

1. Elevation Graph for the Walk

It looks worse that it actually is.

2. A Joke Sign

The Grampians most inaccurate sign, I think. Iit’s actually about 1.4 km.

3. Emu

Dromaius novaehollandiae

4. Milkmaids

Burchardia umbellata

5. Waxlip Orchid

Glossodia major

6. Jacky Lizard

Amphibolurus muricatus

7. Flat Rock and Mount Zero Car Park

Where the walk starts. You can see the track up to Mount Stapylton.

8. Black Rock Skink

Egernia saxatilis - lost a bit of its tail

9. Stumpy-tailed Lizard

Tiliqua rugosa

10. Common Eutaxia

Part of the Grampians flora.

11. Flowering Grass Tree


12. Quartz Veins in Sandstone

Very old rocks.

13. Mount Zero Olives

Well known brand of olive oil.

14. Top of Mt Zero

You can just see the cairn and surveyors mark

15. Iskra Crag

Looking Eastwards towards Stawell

16. Mount Zero 360° Panorama

Starting from North

17. Mount Arapiles

Looking Westwards

18. Black Range

Looking South-Westwards

19. Horsham and Green Lake

Looking North-Westwards

20. Topograph on Mount Zero

An old topograph reset in a newer cairn.

21. Cairn on Top of Mount Zero

Contains the topograph.

22. Mount Stapylton

You can also Hollow Mountain in the foreground. It is difficult to see.


Natural Trail Natural Trail
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