Merri Creek Trail, Fitzroy North to Coburg

Miller St and St Georges rd Fitzroy North

Merri Creek Trail, Fitzroy North to Coburg

Miller St and St Georges rd Fitzroy North

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A wonderful walk along the Merri Crk Trail that starts and ends at tram stops.

Merri Creek Trail, Fitzroy North to Coburg

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A wonderful walk along the Merri Crk Trail that starts and ends at tram stops.


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A wonderful walk along the Merri Crk Trail that starts and ends at tram stops. The walk includes some hidden gems as well as a good away of birdlife, the result of many years of replanting indigenous vegetation.

The walk covers about a third of the Merri Creek Trail (the total trail is about 21km from Dights Falls to the Western Ring Road). It has ben mapped so you can get to the walk by tram and finish at a tram stop so you only need to walk in one direction.

The tail follows the creek quite closely most of the time. There is lots of green space at points along the path and in Spring and Summer you could see a snake. There are tortoises in the water and an abundance of birdlife.

If you start in North Fitzroy, one a warm Summer's day you can stop off for a swim at the Coburg Swimming Pool at the end of the walk! All the photos on the walk have been taken looking backwards towards the start (it was a sunny day so photos where best taken with the sun behind me), if you want you can start at the finish and walk back too.

Some people think the trail is a 'bike path', it is not, it is a 'shared path' which mean that bike riders must keep to the left and give way to walkers. If cyclists ring their bell to let you know they are coming, you do not need to get off the path, but it is polite to acknowledge them with a wave of the hand and not take up too much of the path.

The link above is to some general information on the Merri Creek. It's a great walk.

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Points of Interest

1. Sumner Park

Home of the Brunswick Zebras and general community play area. Often see many dogs running around here too.

2. Bridge across to Merri Park

You could take a quick detour over the bridge, there is a children's playground.

3. Kirkdale Street Park

Features a recently upgraded children's playground (people have left toys to share in the sandpit!) and replanted, landscaped area.

4. Wales Quarry litter trap

A unique purpose built litter trap (built by Nick from CERES) that looks like a sculpture when not in use. Link below is to videos of it in action that were taken on a school excursion.

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5. Bench at path to Ceres.

If you haven't been, a visit to CERES Community Environmental Park is definitely worth the detour (has food and drinks too).

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6. The path

The path drops down close the Creek.

7. New Merri Creek Bridge

This fabulous new bridge opened in 2020 after campaign efforts of many individuals who saw value in a safer connection between Northcote and East Brunswick (link to Facebook Group)

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8. Russian Orthodox Church

A magnificent looking building, particularly when the sun shines on the spires.

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9. Brunswick velodrome

The velodrome has recently been improved and it is open to the public so you can see all sorts of people riding around. It is also the home of the Brunswick Cycling Club.

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10. One of many seats

A welcome seat on a warm day (there are other seats along the path)

11. Shady path

A nice stretch of shady path.

12. Harding Street Bridge

Great example of a suspension bridge. Cyclists are supposed to walk their bikes, like this respectful young chap, but be warned some don't and it's very narrow.

13. Farmgate: Merri Creek Market Garden

Don't know anything about this urban farm but, it always good to look at what is being grown.

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14. Retaining wall

The retaining wall is quite beautiful, it's bit like a sculpture.

15. New bridge

This new bridge is a very welcome addition to the path, it is quite long and has a few dog legs which makes it interesting.

16. Big pool

Most of the creek is quite narrow apart from this big pool. Don't know if anyone ever swims in it but it looks a little inviting.

17. Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool

If it is a hot day, bring your togs and stop off at the pool for a swim!

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18. Coburg Lake Reserve

A popular park offering a great variety of activities including picnicking, playgrounds, barbecue facilities and nature play. Link below is to a walk around the lake.

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