Tassells Cove Dog Friendly Walk, Safety Beach

Marine Drive, Safety Beach, VIC 3936

Tassells Cove Dog Friendly Walk, Safety Beach

Marine Drive, Safety Beach, VIC 3936
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21 m
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This walk is almost too good to be true! It's an adventure, a challenge, a treat for the eyes and a doggie paradise all wrapped up into one quick walk!

Tassells Cove Dog Friendly Walk, Safety Beach

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If both you and your furry friend love an adventure that won't take up too much of your day, then this walk is for you! Leash free dog beach - check! Stunning views - check! Happy pooch and happy human - check check!

This walk begins at the very popular leash free beach: Tassells Cove. No matter what time of year it is, you will always find friendly locals and their playful pooches along this stretch of beach. Enjoy watching your dogs swim in the clear water, dig holes in the sand and run around like crazy (it's hard not to smile when your dogs are having this much fun!)

As you make your way alongside the bottom of the cliff, make sure to watch your step or you might find yourself stepping in one of the many rock pools. This walk is an adventure, so get ready to have some fun climbing in between and over rocks, exploring small caves (as my sticky beak dog loves to do!) and admiring the beautiful rock pools filled with all kinds of brightly coloured seaweed and fish.

Once you manage to coax your dog away from the water and back onto their lead, start making your way up some steep steps to a track that takes you along the top of the cliffs edge. You may become out of breath, but not to worry, the views across Safety Beach and Dromana will make you forget all your troubles!

Walk along a rustic dirt path, intertwining with small bridges, making sure to stop and take in the stunning scenery at one of the viewing platforms along the way. From up here you should be able go see kilometres of sandy beach, the Safety Beach Pier, dogs playing at Tassells Cove Dog Beach, Martha Cove and the Safety Beach Lifesaving Club.

- Depending on the tide, it is not always possible to make it the whole way around the bottom of the cliff face - sometimes you may need to be creative! Otherwise, feel free to take the track behind the dog beach where you will always be able to make it down to the secluded pebble beach (POI 6), then walk back the same way.
-Tassells Cove Leash Free Beach is leash free at all times, all year round
- If you want to make this walk longer, the entrance to Martha Cove is just behind Tassells Cove and has a gorgeous boardwalk that ends at a cafe overlooking the marina. Alternatively, feel free to park at one of the many parking spots along the Safety Beach foreshore (where you will pass playgrounds, picnic spots and a nice European inspired grocery store serving up great coffee)


Points of Interest

1. Tassells Cove Leash Free Dog Beach

Let your dogs off their leads and running wild on this beautiful leash free beach

2. Doggie digger paradise

Watch out - you might lose your dog as they try to dig to China!

3. Follow your dog as they take on an adventure!

Watch your step as you hike over the rocks or you might find your feet becoming wet

4. Caves

Along the cliff edge you will find many small caves to enjoy

5. Adventure Time!

We promised a walk full of adventure and this walk does not disappoint!

6. Pebble beach

Feel like your on the English beachside on this secluded stretch of pebble (or rock) beach (complete with a seat to rest you weary legs)

7. Beautiful views

This beautiful view will keep you going as you climb up some steep steps

8. Rustic track

A quick glimpse at the track you will be walking along when you embark on this walk

9. Stunning views

Stop and take in these stunning views looking over Tassells Cove Leash Free Beach and Martha Cove Marina


Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Seating Available Seating Available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area


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