Yarra River Walk

Federation Square

Yarra River Walk

Federation Square

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This walk takes you from Federation Square, down to the Yarra River, to Swan Street Bridge, back along the river to return to South Bank then Fed Square.

Yarra River Walk

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This walk takes you from Federation Square, down to the Yarra River, to Swan Street Bridge, back along the river to return to South Bank then Fed Square.


This very easy walk takes in many sites of Melbourne. From Federation Square to the Yarra River, along Birrarung Marr to the Carillion, past the many sporting complexes to Swan Street Bridge. Once over the bridge the path hugs the Domain. Walking past the boat sheds and back to Southbank. The pedestrian bridge from Southbank takes you to Flinders Street where crossing St Kilda road will bring you back to Federation Square.

This walks takes in sport: tennis, athletics, soccer and rowing, nature: birds, trees and gardens and recreation: bbqs, playgrounds, coffee shops and shopping. And there is always something great to see at Federation Square

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Points of Interest

1. Melbourne Vistior Centre

Start at this point.

2. Steps Down to the Yarra River

These steps take you from Federation Square to the Yarra River

3. Playground by the Art Space

This hidden playground offers the opportunity for play for both young and old. Take the slide to enter playground

4. Artwork along the path

There are many large artworks along this part of the river. Many of the them reflecting the Aboriginal Hertiage in the area

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5. Art on the ground

Some of the art is large and easy to spot but some of it is underfoot and can be easily missed.

6. Angel

This is a beautiful and large work of art by the artist Deborah Halpern. It has moved across the city over time. This beautiful pushmepullyou statue towers above all the walkers.

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7. Steps to the Federation Bells

These bells are both art and functional time pieces. The bells ring out to mark the passage of time but can also be programmed to ring out a homemade tune.

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8. Federation Bells

The bells sit at the high point of Birrarung Marr so great views of the city in all directions

9. Water reeds and reflections

Autumn is a great time to be walkings. The weather is perfect, the leaves from the many trees along this walk add interest.

10. Swan Street Bridge

This marks the beginning of the sporting complex in Melbourne.

11. View from the bridge

Standing on the middle of the bridge, looking back towards the city, Melbourne always looks great.

12. Trees and buildings

Hugging the edge of the Domain these large palm trees are a fabulous feature. With the backdrop of the city, this part of the walk feels so green.

13. Birds by the river

Gangs of water birds gather to sunbake on the green, green grass

14. Boat Sheds along the river

Many schools have boat sheds along the river bank. Groups of rowers can be seen most days

15. More wildlife

Cormorants sunning themselves on a rubbish boom

16. The Arts Centre

The spire of the Arts Centre provides a great landmark.

17. Ophelia

More Deborah Halpern work, situated on the Southbank Promenade

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18. View from a Bridge

The Southbank Pedestrian Bridge links Southbank to Flinders Street.

19. Flinders Street Station

This station was the first to be completed in Melbourne and during the 1920's was one of the busiest in the world. In 2012 over 92,000 entrees where counted in one day.

20. Back across St Kilda Road to Federation Square

St Paul's Cathedral stands opposite Federation Square. This is the last point of this walk.

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