Great Ocean Walk, Elliot River to Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre

Great Ocean Walk, Elliot River to Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre
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This is a fabulous 3.5 hour walk along a magnificent part of the coastline. It is the first stage of the Great Ocean Walk and includes sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, rock pools, grasslands and bush.

Great Ocean Walk, Elliot River to Apollo Bay

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This is a fabulous walk along a magnificent part of the Victorian coastline is the first stage of the Great Ocean Walk.

Most people start from the Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre - Apollo Bay and walk towards Marengo and onto Elliot River, but we did the reverse as we were able to get someone to drop as Elliot River so we could walk back at our own pace. The turn off to Elliot River is 4.9km from the Apollo Bay Info Centre along the Great Ocean Road. Note, Google has said this is a 2 hour walk (if you went flat out with no stops), but allow 3-4 hours

You can choose to stay on the official track which mostly goes though the bush or choose to walk the whole way along the beach and rocks at low tide. We did a bit of both, but mostly on the beach. But, it is good to walk some on the track, particularly at the higher spots so you get to see the breathtaking views out to see (in Winter and Spring you might see whales!).

An 11 -year-old child easily did this walk, and loved it!

DOGS are NOT permitted on this walk.

The whole Great Ocean Walk is a one-way long-distance walk extending east to west, just over 100km, between Apollo Bay and the iconic Twelve Apostles near Princetown. If you are continuing on from Elliot Rover, the GOW Elliot River campsite is 1.5 km further on (you may need to book) and Blanket Bay 13.5 km. Book a camping spot for the Great Ocean Walk here

See our map of Stage 3 of the Great Ocean Walk here.


Points of Interest

1. The start of the track towards Apollo Bay.

There are a few options from the start, we chose left towards Shelley Beach, but you could go to Elliot River (750m) or to the Elliot Ridge GOW Campsite (1.5km) or even onto Blanket Bay (13.5km).

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2. Boardwalk steps

The path has some boardwalk/steps as you down through the ferns, which would help in wet weather.

3. Tall trees

Walk through some magnificently tall trees near the start, and they have not even finished growing!

4. Prickly Currant Bush, Aboriginal name: Morr

There are many native currants along the first part of the walk in the more damp areas. In Jan-Feb it bears small red globular edible berries, which are sweet and taste a bit like a raspberry.

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5. Shelley Beach

Shelley Beach is about 1 km for the car park so some people only walk that far. It has lots of shells, mostly broken.

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6. Sea

Obviously lots of views to the sea from the rock ledges.

7. The ledge

If you walk the beach route, you may have to crawl along this little rock ledge of the tide is higher.

8. Back towards Blanket

Looking back toward Blanket Bay in the distance. Link is to information on Blanket Bay.

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9. Rockpools

Lots and lots of rock pools.

10. To Bald Hill

Walk along the beach to Bald Hill.The sand is soft and on a little angler so it can be a little harder to walk.

11. Shell Midden

It looks like the remains of a Midden is at the start of the path up to Bald Hill. Please do not disturb. Link gives information on Middens.

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12. Up to Bald Hill

Some rough steps up to the Hill, alternatively you could stay a sea level, bit you'ld miss the view from the hill.

13. View from Bald Hill

We told you it was worth the walk up the little hill!

14. Sheaoaks

A nice little tunnel of Sheoaks as you come down the hill.

15. Shade

The last bit of shade (enjoy it!).

16. To Apollo Bay

A panorama towards the Apollo Bay from Marengo.

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17. Marengo Beach

Nearly there. The beach can be a bit hard at high tide (take the track next to the road if it is) as the sand can be soft, but when low like this it's a breeze. Link is to Beach Safe.

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