Welcome Walk at Jordan's Bend, Shepparton

Jordan's Place, Shepparton

Welcome Walk at Jordan's Bend, Shepparton

Jordan's Place, Shepparton
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Enjoy a gentle walk through Shepparton Regional Park's River Red Gum forest. You'll love the wildflowers in Spring as you follow the heritage listed Goulburn River.

Welcome Walk at Jordan's Bend, Shepparton

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Follow the path through the River Red Gum forest of Shepparton Regional Park and see a variety of habitats this floodplain environment has to offer.

The Goulburn River is the longest river in Victoria and has the highest annual flow in Victoria. These flows vary throughout the year due to natural flooding, irrigation water and environmental flows. Environmental flows are important for river and bank health as the extra water promotes growth. The Goulburn River is protected by the River Red Gum forests of Shepparton Regional Park and the Lower Goulburn National Park and the red gums extend all the way to Echuca.
River Red Gums can live for more than 500 years and provide important habitat for a range of species including cockatoos, galahs, parrots and in Shepparton, a population of squirrel gliders. However, this species is in decline due to the loss of hollow bearing trees, habitat loss and loss of connectivity and introduced feral animals such as cats and foxes.
Squirrel Gliders
For a shorter walk, turn left on the track at Number 6 on the map, and head back to Jordan's Place.
Please note: Closest toilets are in Queen's Gardens, which are 22 minutes walk or 3 minutes drive away, towards Shepparton township.

If it’s going to be a very hot, dry or windy day, check for park closures and other weather related information. For this, and other information on the wonders of the park, go to www.parks.vic.gov.au or call 13 19 63.


Points of Interest

1. River Red Gum forest and Goulburn River

Here the heritage listed Goulburn river is surrounded by a River Red Gum forest which is Victoria’s longest river, running from the high plains through to the Murray River near Echuca.

2. Jordan’s Island

Jordan's island is a haven for wildlife. The island can only be accessed by crossing the river. This stretch of water shows the natural flow of the river.

3. The Cutting

Many years ago, the river was altered in an attempt to make it flow straight. Later on, the rock structure was built to return the river to its natural flow.

4. Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle is an important element in this ecosystem. Silver Wattles use fire to germinate their seeds. The trees are an important source of food for many different birds and animals in this area.

5. Poa grass

This is Poa grass, a species native to Australia. The tussock grass is an important habitat for Peaceful Doves, Red Browed Finches, Diamond firetails, brown quail and southern garden skinks.

6. Bird life

Jordan’s Bend is a haven for birdlife. Some of the species that can be found here are magpies, kookaburras, Grey Fantails, Red Browed Finches, Brown Tree Creepers and this yellow rumped thornbill.

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7. Playground and seating

Local resident, Una Cody, spent years caring for Stuart Reserve. She was known for guerrilla gardening; weeding, mowing and watering the area for the community to enjoy.


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