Baranduda Nature Trail

Margaret Court Drive, Baranduda

Baranduda Nature Trail

Margaret Court Drive, Baranduda

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50 m
3.34 km

A peaceful, gently undulating stroll through rural Baranduda along the base of the Baranduda Range.

Baranduda Nature Trail

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A peaceful, gently undulating stroll through rural Baranduda along the base of the Baranduda Range.


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This walk mostly follows slashed management/vehicle tracks. There is no signage along the trail, but its fairly easy to follow. The trail is within a series of narrow fenced reserves and the trails mostly follow the fence lines, so you can't really go wrong.

Note the distance and estimated time are for a one-way trip. The total distance for a return trip along the full length of the trail is about 6.7km. You can turn back at any point for a shorter trip.

For more walks in the Wodonga area see the 'more information' link.

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Points of Interest

1. Start here

Enter from the top of Margaret Court Road.

2. Fire Trail

This is the most formed part of the trail, the rest of the trail is more grassy. Just follow fences if you lose the trail at any point.

3. Gate

Turn west, away from Baranduda township, and pass through gate.

4. Cross laneway - 2 gates

Pass through 2 gates

5. Big trees

There are lots of really big old trees along the trail

6. Pass through gate and follow fence north

Be sure to follow the vehicle tracks along fence line to the north (downslope, away from the Range) after passing through the gate

7. Wildlife

Kangaroos are common

8. Optional trail diversion

There is a gate through a fence here, you can head north along a track here to Boyes Rd.

9. View to Table Top - turn to north

The trail follows the fence closely here, follow it to the north (down slope, away from the Range). Don't follow the trail upslope unless prepared for a long steep walk across the Range

10. Gate through fence at narrow point (under dead tree)

Pass through the gate as you head north. The track is not that clear here, but its a narrrow area between 2 fences, so its easy to navigate. Good views of the rural landscape from this point

11. Wombat burrow

Not far from the track, under a big tree

12. End - Boyes Road

The trail ends at this point, at the corner of Boyes Rd and Fredrick Streets Rd. Turn around here and return along the same route.

13. Head back to the beginning

The full length of this walk if done both ways is about 6.7km.


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