Darby River to Tongue Point, Wilsons Promomtory

Wilsons Promontory

Darby River to Tongue Point, Wilsons Promomtory

Wilsons Promontory

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2 h 12 m
8.84 km

This a fabulous loop walk with outstanding views out to Bass Straight.

Darby River to Tongue Point, Wilsons Promomtory

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This a fabulous loop walk with outstanding views out to Bass Straight.


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The walk from Darby River to Tongue Point and back has some really great views of Darby Swamp, Vereker Range, Darby and Cotters Beach.

The walk starts and ends with an ascent then descent back to Darby River carpark through windswept coastal vegetation. If you have time and energy, the detour off to Fairy Cove is a beauty.

Information on the Parks Victoria website (see link above): "This brilliant coastal walk climbs gently from the Darby River Carpark and over Darby Hill, an ancient sand dune, before hugging the windswept headland. Don’t forget to look back towards Darby Swamp on your climb. Take in the views over the Darby River, as it snakes through the deep valley towards the Vereker Range.

As you make it over the saddle, the sandy terrain soon gives way to dense coastal heath jewelled with stacks of weathered granite. The chance of spotting wallabies amidst the coastal heath is ample. And while you are less likely to cross paths with echidnas and wombats, they can be seen foraging among the thick shrub – especially dusk or dawn, when they are most active.

On the walk, a short detour down to Fairy Cove is a must! The sheltered beach lies not too far from the tip of the tongue and its white sandy beach enclosed by granite boulders and crystal-clear waters make for the perfect snorkel or swim spot.

The final stretch of the walk meanders along the ever-narrowing headland with Shellback and Norman Island standing tall over the rough swells of Bass Strait. A semi-detached island, just beyond reach marks the end of the scenic walk."

A lot of the walk doesn't have a lot of shade, so probably best not to do on hot days and take lots of water.

Note: Google has estimated the walk to be 2.1 hours, but 4 hours is more realistic., particularly if you want to some rest stops.

If you are able to do a car shuffle, the one-way walk from Darby Saddle to Darby River via Tounge Point is a beauty.

As in everywhere in Wilsons Promontory, no dogs allowed.

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Points of Interest

1. Chain board track

The track here has seen better days, so watch your step as you descend.

2. Darby River

A great view of Darby River and swamp and the Vereker Range.

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3. Looking to Fairy Cove

Nice view to Fairy Cove and Tongue Point.

4. The drum

Its amazing the things you can find on secluded beaches. We wondered what this was, how old it was and from where it came. An old ship's boiler?

5. Fairy Cove

A beautiful little cover to explore and swim, as we did on the warmish day we were there.

6. Grass trees

Always nice to see some grass trees (Xanthorrhoea) blowing on the breeze.

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7. Boardwalks

There are a couple of Boardwalks that protect the landscape and make the walking a little easier in parts.

8. Back to Tidal River

That's Norman Bay in the distance, with My Oberon behind, and you can see a glimpse of Squeaky Beach.

9. To Norman Island

The island is named after Captain William Henry Norman, who brought Sir Charles Hotham to Melbourne in Queen of the South in 1854.

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10. Rocks by the sea

Weather permitting, its definitely worth clambering down the rocks to the water's edge.


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