Gooram Falls Walk, Gooram

Gooram Falls Day Visitor Area, Euroa-Mansfield Rd, Gooram

Gooram Falls Walk, Gooram

Gooram Falls Day Visitor Area, Euroa-Mansfield Rd, Gooram
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Gooram Falls is a beautiful place to visit for a relaxing day. Accompanied by the sound of cascading water and bird calls, enjoy this return walk, a picnic and on a hot day, a cooling swim.

Gooram Falls Walk, Gooram

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Surrounded by creek line grassy woodland, this shallow gorge is part of Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve. At the bottom are twin waterfalls roughly 20 metres apart. Immediately upstream from these are granite chutes that channel water at a great pace. Further upstream again are large boulder tumbles that create a turbulent spectacle during high water and exertion demanding rock hopping when low. In between all this activity, quiet pools with picturesque backdrops offer spaces for contemplation and reflection. Whether as churning white water or a gently flowing stream, this spot is gorgeous and has something for everyone.

The Gooram Falls Day Visitor Area where this walk begins and ends is located about 20km south of the town of Euroa.

The track itself is a return 1.9km walk between the upper and lower car parks. Offshoots take you to the granite creek bed. The tracks have only had minor works done over the years. It can be rough and steep in places. Much of the shallow gorge is exposed rock that can be both steep and slippery. Take care.

Gooram Falls is part of a Seven Creeks protected native fish spawning reach between Polly McQuinns and Gall's Gap. Precious threatened species live and breed here. Please be mindful to avoid damage to or contamination of this fragile ecosystem.

This site makes for enjoyment of a variety of recreational pastimes such as bushwalking and swimming. Bird watchers can seek out 15 species or more. Photographers and artists alike will revel in subjects aplenty, and on a clear day, brilliant light.

Car parking
Picnic table & fire pits (upper car park)
Long drop toilet (lower car park)

Water is not potable (bring your own)
DOGS are not permitted
No fishing
No camping
No firearms
Fires only in places provided
Take your rubbish with you
Vehicles must stay on formed roads


Points of Interest

1. Gooram Falls Day Picnic Area

There is ample room for car parking. A picnic table and BBQ fire pits are also provided. The track begins here.

2. The granite creek bed

Between the twin falls and the upper car park lies an extensive granite creek bed with plenty of room for exploring, investigating and water play.

3. Quiet places

A tumble of boulders fill the creek below the upper car park. Further downstream, quiet, pretty places for exploration or reflection can be found.

4. The chute

Above the falls, water has carved a chute that can funnel fast flowing water any time of year. Enjoy the view at a safe distance.

5. The upper falls in summer.

Volumes may vary, but all year round water charges down this rock face.

6. The upper falls in winter.

Water flows can very dramatically. Take care.

7. The lower falls

Smaller in height, but greater in width, the lower falls fill a wide bend in the creek popular for swimming. Remember, no two visits will be the same. Snags, holes and turbulence may be present.

8. Lower car park and track entry

The lower entry car park can get quite boggy if it has been wet. There are no waterfalls here. The upper car park is recommended for longer visits.

9. Public toilets

Long drop toilets are sited at the lower car park. No potable water is available.


Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Seating Available Seating Available
Public toilets Public toilets


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