Seven Creeks Apex Walk, Euroa

Seven Creeks Park. corner of Bury St and Kirkland Ave, Euroa 3666

Seven Creeks Apex Walk, Euroa

Seven Creeks Park. corner of Bury St and Kirkland Ave, Euroa 3666

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A delightful peri-urban bush track that encompasses Euroa's Seven Creeks floodplain woodlands. The guardians of this space aim to realise the best possibilities for a township / ecosystem interface.

Seven Creeks Apex Walk, Euroa

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A delightful peri-urban bush track that encompasses Euroa's Seven Creeks floodplain woodlands. The guardians of this space aim to realise the best possibilities for a township / ecosystem interface.


“Euroa” may come from a Ngurelban language word ‘Year-o” meaning ‘joyful’. It makes sense.

Seven Creeks Walking Track was built as an Apex bicentennial project in 1988. Strathbogie Shire, Apex and Friends of the Sevens continue that good work. Volunteers are principal contributors to the active management of the reserve. They provide revegetation with indigenous plant species to increase habitat values and stabilise soil; they remove invasive exotic plants and rubbish. They also run education activities such as guided tours, information sessions and spotlight walks.

Choose to start the walk anywhere along Seven Creeks. Parking is readily available. A good central starting point is Seven Creeks Weir on Kirkland Ave opposite Bury St. Track markers point to a 4km southern loop, a 3km northern loop or a full walk of 7km. Join the Saturday morning communal ParkRun from this location. On your return, the park is a great place to refresh.

The weir created a perfect swimming hole. Until the 1970’s it was the main town swimming area, complete with pavilion, change rooms, diving boards and learner pools. At the weir wall, note a fish ladder and information board.

The reserve has 2 vegetation types. Floodplain Riparian Woodland and Plains Grassy Woodland. The dominant trees are River Red Gum, providing hollows and canopy for habitat. Silver Wattle and Blackwood provide nectar when in flower. Ground cover of grasses, herbs, branches, twigs and leaves are home to many creatures. The variety of habitats attract a range of fauna, such as microbats, possums, gliders, koalas, echidnas, snakes, blue tongued lizards, geckos and skinks. Regular bird surveys have been conducted recording over 90 different species.

Fluctuating water levels and flows can change the creek bed; billabongs form and sedimentary deposits create sand bars and sand slugs. The creek supports habitat for aquatic species such as native and exotic fish, rakali, platypus, and frogs.

The majority of the sporting facilities utilised by the Euroa community are shared with the track reserve. Walking creekside under the shade of magnificent red gums and beside thriving native understory revegetation, you will pass impressive football, netball, tennis and bowls facilities.

Following Hume and Hovell (1824) and Thomas Mitchell (1837), squatters arrived (1838) to take up runs. Euroa grew on the sheep’s back. The rest is history. Stay a while to experience it. Take the Heritage Trail to learn about the many historic buildings built at the height of Queen Victoria’s reign, visit the Victoria Cross Memorial Park and the Museum.

There is more to do! Explore Euroa Arboretum, spend a week exploring the region’s many tracks and trails, take a self-drive or riding tour. On the third Saturday of the month visit the Farmer’s Market.

BBQs, sheltered and open picnic facilities available.
Surface: asphalt, dirt and gravel. Can be slippery
DOGS: Must be on-leash

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Points of Interest

1. Seven Creeks Park

With easy car parking and all the amenities you could need, this is a good place to start and finish your walk. BBQ, rotunda, picnic tables, potable water and toilets.

2. Trail marker signs

Throughout your walk, signposts will point you in the right direction.

3. Fish Ladder and Weir

The fish ladder has been installed to enable fish to swim up and down the creek for breeding as part other natural life cycle.

4. Seven Creeks Hotel

Sitting where Seven Creeks crosses the original Sydney Road, this turn of the twentieth century hotel has been beautifully renovated to its reclaim its former glory.

5. Caravan Park

This is a pretty spot to walk past on the track and to spend a few days as a base from which to explore the region. At dawn and dusk there is a chance you will spot a platypus right here.

6. Bollards

To keep you informed and on track, bollards assist you to monitor distance and direction.

7. The Rockies

A beautiful spot, with this new suspension footbridge, marks the point at which you either cross to follow the track back to town or head on to the trail extension up the scenic Balmattum Hill.

8. Balmattum Hill Trail Link

If you wish to add an extra 2km, a hill climb and a great view over Euroa, follow the sign at the Rockies pointing you towards the Balmattum Hill. It will be worth it!

9. Fluker post

Upload your photo of the Rockies from this point to contribute to an online image data base that records changes over time. Check out other Fluker sites on the web site.

10. Seating

The walk is easy, beautiful and some stretches are long. Rest assured, there are places to sit along the way.

11. Victoria Cross Memorial

In honour of 3 Euroa VC recipients, this well executed memorial reminds us of the losses suffered by rural towns and the respect that is due those that were lost.

12. Revegetation

Volunteers put hours and hours of ongoing labour into maintaining and ongoing beautification of the reserve. Take your time to appreciate indigenous planting old and new.

13. The Swaggy Tree

This grand old man redgum is said to have sheltered homeless during the Great Depression of the 1920-30s.

14. The Seven Creeks

This is such a lovely setting for a township walk. You can see why the citizens of Euroa are proud of it. A foot bridge has been installed if you want to cross to the Friendlies sporting ovals.

15. Sporting facilities nestled amongst grand red gums

The netball courts and football ground sit comfortably beside the track beneath a red gum canopy. The loveliest sports settings you could hope to see. Over the creek tennis courts abound.

16. The Butter Factory

How things have changed. A Butter Factory in Euroa. This substantial historic building now provides for accomodation and private functions.

17. The Melbourne to Sydney Railway Bridge

A floodplain requires a bridge for the main line between the nation's 2 most populous cities. For railway enthusiasts, this is an excellent place to get up close and personal.

18. Miniature Railway

Open the 4th Sunday of each month, the Euroa miniature railway is operated and expertly maintained by volunteers. The set up beside the creek can be admired anytime. It is great fun for the kids


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