Golden Mountain Walk, Strathbogie Forest

Corner of Ferraris Rd and Harpers No. 4 Track, Bonnie Doon 3720

Golden Mountain Walk, Strathbogie Forest

Corner of Ferraris Rd and Harpers No. 4 Track, Bonnie Doon 3720
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Slow ramble to Golden Mountain. This old logger’s track takes you into grand eucalypt forest, past huge mossy boulders, through ti-tree thickets and onto gratifying views.

Golden Mountain Walk, Strathbogie Forest

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Head deep into Strathbogie Forest. This return walk starts 23km from Strathbogie Township. The drive is about 25 minutes from Strathbogie or 45 minutes from Euroa. Plan to take plenty of time. Stop. look, listen and smell for a full sensory forest experience.

From where you park, the entrance is not well marked. Walk uphill along Ferraris Rd 80m to find the gap on the right in the understory that identifies the beginning of the track. Motorcycle use has made this fairly clear. The forest is quite open here. As you head up the track you will soon discover a magnificent granite boulder stack to your left that tells you are on the right path. This stack is well worth exploring. Rounded granite boulders are randomly stacked into a great labyrinth. In winter and spring the mosses and lichens are vibrant and alive.

The route follows an old logger's track just to the south of the stack (the north side of Mt Tels). Motorcycles sometimes use the track, so be mindful. As you trend west deeper into the forest, you pass through ti-tree thicket before it opens up again. The Mountain Grey and Peppermint Gums are the giants in this part of the forest, some are hundreds of years old. Further exploration is recommended, but be careful not to get lost!

The track is easy to follow and heads below the spur that links Golden Mountain with Mt Tels. At one point motorcycles have veered left off the track heading up the spur. Keep on straight ahead.
As you approach the peak, the walking track meets Golden Mountain Track (4WD). follow it up the hill until you meet a track heading off to the right towards the summit. This takes you to the Trig Point at the top. At 1028m, Golden Mountain is the second highest peak in the Strathbogie Ranges.

From here cross the summit to the boulders immediately below. To the west between the trees are views to Mt Wombat and the Strathbogie Tableland. However, the real gem of the walk lies back at the base of this path just east of the Golden Mountain 4WD Track. Snow Gums line the edge of an escarpment suspended above Clear Creek valley. From here looking east you can see Lake Eildon, The Paps, and further into the High Country of Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and The Bluff.

This is indeed a glorious spot. In spring, wildflowers add even more to its beauty.

Periodically trees fall across the way. Generally they are cut fairly quickly. The gradients are occasionally moderate, but the track itself isn't long enough for this to be a big issue. Pausing from time to time helps. The weather can change quickly, be prepared, carry some food, water and wear sturdy shoes.

Follow the same path back.

Camping in Strathbogie Forest is allowed at either Ruoaks or James Reserve

Dogs must be on-leash and under control at all times.
Campfires must be attended with capacity to extinguish.
The forest is closed on days of Total Fire Ban


Points of Interest

1. Ferraris Rd / Harpers No. 4 Track T junction

There is more room to park off the road opposite the sign here than at the entrance to the track 80m uphill along Ferraris Rd.

2. Track Entrance

80m uphill from your parking on Harper's No. 4 Track, look to the right for the gap in the understory that marks the beginning of Golden Mountain Walk.

3. Boulder Labyrinth

If you have any doubt you are going the right way, this impressive amalgam of huge granite boulders says everything is OK. Take some time to explore.

4. A very pretty walk

Ti-tree thickets, ferny verges, mountain giants and enormous rock formations and amazing views make for an interesting walk all the way.

5. Trenching

Unfortunately, dirt bike riders have trenched some short sections of this track where it is on the narrow side. These spots can be muddy and slippery. Mind your step.

6. Mossy Rocks

The mosses can be so iridescent they look luminous and the formations are fascinating.

7. Motorcycle Sidetracks

In this part of the walk, there are some sidetracks like this one, where motorcycles have headed off the track. Keep moving straight ahead on the main track.

8. X marks the spot

At this point you approach the Golden Mountain Track (4WD). Follow it uphill to the summit. Note: this dirt road is not recommended for 2WD.

9. Trig Point

As you walk across the peak to the Boulder Lookout, you will pass the Trig Point marking the summit of Golden Mountain.

10. Boulder Lookout

Climb the boulders to get more views from the opposite side of the summit. Looking between the tress you can see across Strathbogie Tableland.

11. Escarpment Lookout

This amazing view extends from The Paps (not in this photo) to Lake Eildon, not to mention Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and The Bluff towering over all.


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