Blue Lake Plenty Gorge

Goldsworthy Lane, Plenty VIC 3090, Australia

Blue Lake Plenty Gorge

Goldsworthy Lane, Plenty VIC 3090, Australia
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This wonderful walk circles the Blue Lake in Plenty Gorge park. Fantastic views, abundant birdlife and native flora await you on this easy walk. Highly recommended.

Blue Lake Plenty Gorge

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The Blue Lake is named for its turquoise blue colour at certain times of the year. This walk circles the lake in a clockwise direction. The route follows a gravel path that is wide and well maintained.

The lake sits below the picnic area so there is one downhill and one uphill section on the walk.

From the car park, continue through the barriers and keep right at the Y junction. This brings you to the Yellow Gum recreation area where you can relax after the walk. The recreation area has free electric BBQs, picnic benches, open play areas and a toilet block.

A small pond sits on the left of the recreation area. Walk around the pond and just past the toilet block take the second right turn (the first right turn takes you to a lookout point). Keep right at the next junction too.

The pathway now starts to descend, following Plenty river on your left. The views here are wonderful. As you continue down the hill you get your first glimpses of the very picturesque lake.

When you get to the bottom of the hill there is a detour to your right that takes you to the lake side. Sit on a rock and soak up the atmosphere. It will not be long before you start to spot some of the local inhabitants.

Continue clockwise around the lake and back up the hill on the other side. When you reach the top of the hill, keep right at each intersection and you will soon return to the picnic area.


Points of Interest

1. Beautiful Bushland

There are four major vegetation communities within Yellow Gum Park. They include grassy woodland, escarpment woodland, box ironbark woodland and riparian woodland.

2. Walker

When walking allow yourself to be immersed in birdsong, the sound of the flowing river and the beautiful flora.

3. A reminder of the lakes history

This area used to be a mineral quarry. It closed in the early 1970s as a result of ground water seeping into the quarry hole. The ground water seepage has produced the lake we see today.

4. The lake

The blue lake is named for its turquoise blue colour at certain times of the year and is home to birds including Eurasian coots, Purple Swamphens and Australasian Grebes.

5. Australasian Grebe

They form small flocks during the non-breeding season and dive underwater when alarmed.

6. Rainbow Lorikeet

Not so hard to spot with their wonderfully coloured feathers, Rainbow Lorikeets feed mainly on nectar. Both male and female Lorikeets feed their young.

7. Laughing Kookaburra

Kookaburras hunt by perching on branches and swooping onto their prey below. This one has caught a small snack for lunch. Larger prey like snakes are bashed against branches before being eaten.

8. Look high and low

This areas environmental values are of national and state significance. All native flora in the area must not be picked.

9. Sulpher crested Cockatoo

You'll probably hear one before you see one. Their loud, harsh calls can be heard from quite a distance. They breed in hollows in old growth trees.


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