Riparian Revegetation Walk, Euroa

Castle Creek Bushland Reserve, Pranjip Rd. Euroa 3666

Riparian Revegetation Walk, Euroa

Castle Creek Bushland Reserve, Pranjip Rd. Euroa 3666

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1 h 21 m
5.41 km

Experience two different bush lands. East is a riparian River Red Gum woodland enhanced by extraordinary swirling revegetation. West is a Grey Box woodland ending in swampy pools.

Riparian Revegetation Walk, Euroa

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Experience two different bush lands. East is a riparian River Red Gum woodland enhanced by extraordinary swirling revegetation. West is a Grey Box woodland ending in swampy pools.


There is room for parking off the southern shoulder of Pranjip Rd as you approach Seven Creeks bridge from the east. This area is a scrappy location between new and the old road surfaces that suffers from the impacts of past road and bridge construction.

Behind this space is another story. Cross the fence line to enter an attractive riparian zone of River Red Gum woodland.

Follow Castle Creek along its meandering route to observe and experience the riparian zone. This becomes the baseline of your loop through the eastern Reserve. It is windy and a bit on the lumpy side due to recurrent flooding, but overall very manageable.

When you get to the eastern end of the Reserve, veer north west. However, it isn’t quite that straight forward. In fact, it isn’t straight forward at all. The revegetation you will pass through has been planted in arcing belts that part and come together, with open spaces that widen and narrow accordingly. Like a maze, it is easy to become disorientated and fun to engage with. You are almost certain to come across Swamp Wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos threading their way through these spaces just like you. Fortunately, with the creek on one side and the road on the other you can’t get lost, but the Reserve is definitely large enough to allow you to enjoy working out where you are exactly. Any kids with you will love it!

The maturing plantings are dense and varied. Birds love them. In late winter and spring the range of wattles come into their own with gorgeous splashes of bright yellow scattered throughout.

When you do get back to your starting point, cross Seven Creeks bridge to the western Reserve for a different experience - a Grey Box grassy woodland. Follow the waterway once again, but this time opposite a farmland boundary. You can’t help but notice the impact of the adjacent agriculture on riparian biodiversity and erosion.

By the time you get to the far western end the woodland has changed again. Shallow swampy pools of flat black water congregate to create a water mosaic you must navigate to get back roadside.

Walk through the Reserve parallel with the road to close the loop back to the bridge and on to your car park.

Reserve sign
Car parking room
Flora and fauna habitat

Open water
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water
Remnant fencing
Slippery surfaces
Subject to flooding
Snakes may be active
Tracks may not be clear
Beware of vehicle traffic
Be equipped for self-reliant hiking
Be mindful to keep within the Reserve

No dogs
No firearms
No hunting
No camping
No illegal fishing
Take rubbish with you
No rubbish dumping
No wildlife poaching
No firewood collection
No theft of forest produce
Native flora and fauna are protected
No fires
Closed on days of total fire ban
No 4WD or motor bike access
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed, be registered

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Points of Interest

1. Revegetated Riparian Bushland Reserve

Now Parks Vic, the sign marks a DCNR Bushland Reserve. At some point in its past they oversaw a remarkable revegetation make over. Just like a maze! Creek and revegetation combine for great walking

2. Locked gate

You can squeeze through. Maybe this lock and chain are to keep the dirt bikes and 4WDs out. Parks Vic have been contacted regarding improving pedestrian access.

3. River Reds

River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) dominate the eastern side of the Reserve along Castle Creek. The are beautiful. Take some time out to simply stand and admire at least one.

4. Swamp Wallaby

Seen throughout the area, these animals have the most beautiful coat. Shy, but not immediate bolters, your chance for a short period of observation is quite good.

5. Every kind of Wattle

The revegetation that has been done on this site is extraordinary. Every kind of Wattle, including this Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha), appears to have a place.

6. High quality habitat

Evidence of animal and bird life is everywhere. Inside, these hollows look to be in regular use.

7. Castle Creek animal crossing

There are many crossings used as fords by animals along the creek. It is a pretty waterway during winter and spring, but dry in summer.

8. Enter the swirls of maturing revegetation

This big Red marks the entry to a maze of maturing dense revegetation that inspires. Looking outside the Reserve, it is easy to see what it once was. Now it is a place of biodiversity, fun & games.

9. Kangaroo dust bed & bath

A mob of Eastern Greys live here in comfort.

10. Arcing revegetation

The swirling planted copses part and come together. In between corridors create areas with a sense of linear space, until they close in and disorientate you. They are great fun to walk.

11. Seven Creeks bridge

Cross the bridge into a different space. More of a Grey Box (Eucalyptus microcarpa) woodland, you will come into closer proximity with adjacent farmland and come to a swampy end.

12. What a contrast!

When you get to the boundary of the Reserve, you get to appreciate its biodiversity even more. Over the fence, the impacts of land clearing and hard grazing are clear.

13. Swampy ground

if you like a bit of a swamp, you will enjoy this end of the Reserve. The water is black, the algae is green, it is damp, full of character and life.

14. Indigenous plants

For those botanically inclined, there is a wealth of flora to discover - like this Running Postman (Kennedia prostrata)


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