Porepunkah Riverside loop walk

Riverside Park, Porepunkah

Porepunkah Riverside loop walk

Riverside Park, Porepunkah

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A pleasant 3.5km riverside stroll in the lovely, small Alpine town of Porepunkah near the foot of Mount Buffalo.

Porepunkah Riverside loop walk

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A pleasant 3.5km riverside stroll in the lovely, small Alpine town of Porepunkah near the foot of Mount Buffalo.


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A pleasant 3.5km riverside stroll in the lovely Alpine town of Porepunkah, near the foot of Mount Buffalo and just 6km from Bright.

This walk starts at the lovely Riverside Park, just off the main street. The park is very popular in summer as it has a patrolled river pool, and a toddler's wading pool built into the bank.

After your walk you may wish to grab a meal at the popular Pub, or one of the other little eateries in town, which include a couple of cafes.

But the main attraction in the warmer months is the river and laidback tempo of life in Porepunkah. There are lots of swim options along the route of this walk (check signage for suitable areas).

While this walk begins as pram-friendly, the track along the river becomes less made. Sections of the track just after the suspension bridge become less even with some roughly made steps, which likely become muddy after rain.

For people requiring a good quality path, stick to the rail trail (part of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, which runs along Service Street in Porepunkah) on the north side of the river, and Riverside park sections of this route.

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Points of Interest

1. Riverside Park

Begin this walk from Riverside Park opposite the main shopping strip of Porepunkah.

2. Public Toilets

There's no missing the toilet stop!

3. Wading pool and swim area

Small, shallow pool built for children next to the playground

4. View to Mount Buffalo

A reminder that you're smack bang in the middle of the Alpine region.

5. Old Porepunkah Bridge


6. Stone hut


7. Trail condition

Nice. Trail constructed in 1996 after locals rallied to improve local facilities.

8. Suspension bridge over river

Cross the lovely little swing bridge over the Ovens.

9. Shorter walk option (Solly Lane)

You can cut this walk shorter by taking a left here at this path a little after crossing the bridge. Here is how Solly Lane appears as it emerges at Service Street, the road back into town.

10. River view

There are a few points along the track where you can follow your nose down to the river's edge. The paths are mostly unmade though so stick to the track if you have concerns you'll get lost!

11. Service Street

Emerge from the river path to the main road. You'll see the sealed shared path running on Service Street, go in a westerly direction. Be aware of fast-approaching people on bikes in both directions.

12. Shared path

Dogs and bikes.

13. Bike mecca

There is a cafe here which is very popular with people using th is section of the rail trail. Jump in line!

14. Underpass

Head back down and through Riverside park and if you wish to get back up to the main road you can head under this overpass.

15. Porepunkah town entry

A different view of a pretty little town.


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