Carmichael Falls walk, Dinner Plain

Big Muster Drive, Alpine National Park, Dinner Plain

Carmichael Falls walk, Dinner Plain

Big Muster Drive, Alpine National Park, Dinner Plain
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A picturesque alpine walk which takes you down a fairly steep gradient to a platform offering views of Carmichael falls. Along the way, turn off to a secret river and mini falls!

Carmichael Falls walk, Dinner Plain

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Wander through Dinner Plain village to the Alpine bog reserve and onto the 4WD track which runs behind the village. From the start of the walk to the Carmichael Falls it's a 2km return journey down some fairly steep terrain.

The track is a cleared single track through the alpine forest but easy to identify and marked by orange markers. Along the path nature may have placed little hazards, like water on the path. It is wet up here so wear sturdy and protective footwear.

From the viewing platform, turn around and come back the way you came.


Points of Interest

1. Information Hut

At the day car park there is an information hut with toilets and a big map to help you find your way.

2. Map of Dinner Plain Village and walking tracks

This walk goes through the Alpine bog reserve, onto the red lined 4WD track then to Charmichael Falls.

3. Playgound and picnic area

Right next to the information hut and sign posts is a playground, giant chess board and picnic tables.

4. Vehical access track

This track loops the village and takes you to the start of the Charmichael Falls track.

5. Fallen Tree

Much of this area was cleared to make a fire break to protect the village from the 2012 summer bushfires.

6. Start of the Carmichael Falls track

Look out for this sign on your right and follow this path.

7. Track markers

Look out for these orange markers hanging on the tree trunks to guide your way.

8. Natures colours

The colors of nature change with the seasons.

9. Secret falls

Look out for the unmarked fork in the path leading down to another mini falls.

10. Mini falls

The fresh snowy water making it's way down the mountain.

11. Hazard

There can be water on the track in places.

12. Alpine beauty

The highland scenery.

13. Alpine Bog track

Turn around here so you can take note of the entrance to the Alpine Bog track on your return.

14. Zig- Zac down the mountain

The track cuts back and forth down this steep section to the viewing platform.

15. Viewing platform

Just a little way further down the track is this viewing platform.

16. Carmichael Falls

This photo is from the Dinner Plain website, click the link for more information on visiting the area.

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17. Tree tops view

From the viewing platform you can see for miles over the undulating mountains and tree tops.

18. Alpine Bog Reserve

Turn off to your left and follow the track through this permanently wet area which supports rare flora and fauna.


Historical Interest Historical Interest
Local Treasures Local Treasures
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Park(s)/Garden(s) Park(s)/Garden(s)
Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Drinking Water Available Drinking Water Available
Seating Available Seating Available
Public toilets Public toilets


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