Nagambie Heritage Walk

Jacobson's Outlook, High Street, Nagambie 3608

Nagambie Heritage Walk

Jacobson's Outlook, High Street, Nagambie 3608

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With a rich history as an agricultural hub, a traveller's rest en route north and west and a popular outdoors lifestyle, Nagambie is a place worth exploring.

Nagambie Heritage Walk

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With a rich history as an agricultural hub, a traveller's rest en route north and west and a popular outdoors lifestyle, Nagambie is a place worth exploring.


This is a longish walk, but also quite flat and surfaces are smooth - so relatively easy. If you wish to make it shorter, drive to the Nagambie Cemetery from Jacobson's Outlook and then return to walk the rest.

The walk takes you to many historic sites throughout the township. Most still have the original structure remaining, making it easier to imagine the way things were in the past.

If you enjoy looking at period housing, wandering the township will be for you. There are some real gems from all eras scattered throughout.

Thank you to Nagambie Historical Society President Robert McMaster, Secretary Judy Macdonald, Lois McMaster and Wendy Mason for their kind assistance and sharing of resources towards creating an online heritage walk.

For another local walk featuring the waterfront see the Lake Nagambie Waterfront Walk

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Points of Interest

1. Jacobson's Outlook

Once a swampy lagoon, Goulburn Weir created a lake. Steam boats & barges ferried passengers and produce to and from the wharf here. A bullock and shay would haul timber up the banks to a timber mill.

2. Millennia of harvesting from the water

For thousands of years the river has been a Taungurung food source. There are interpretive signs along the water telling their story. Today, the lake provides more for recreation, sport and tourism.

3. Black Caviar Statue (2013)

A tribute to the local horse that won all 25 of its 25 races - more than any other - and raked in $8 million in prize money along the way.

4. Methodist Church site (1855)

A Church was built here overlooking the swamp. The townspeople laid every brick, but one day ..... you will have to read the plaque for the surprising end of the Church.

5. A famous Rowing Club (1891)

Construction of the Goulburn Weir in 1891 created a lake perfect for establishment of the historic Nagambie Rowing Club. The first regatta was held in 1898.

6. Buckley Park

Named after the owner who donated the land for recreation of future generations. It's a good place to picnic or BBQ and to let kids burn off some energy. There is easy access to the water and shelter

7. "Rosecrea", 227 High St (1907)

There are many historic homes to enjoy throughout the town. This is a fine example. Keep yourself alert for more to admire.

8. Wine Tavern, 139 High St (1870)

Now the business of David Treager Wines, this building was originally operated by the Goulburn Valley Vineyard Company. There were 15 acres of vines.

9. Site of Nagambie's first Hotel (1869)

Nagambie's first Hotel was known as Derrum's Hotel after being taken over by a family of that name. The larger township was yet to be established at the time.

10. Nagambie Cemetery (1875)

With many graves from the early years of settlement, the cemetery is well worth exploring. There are toilets on site, but they may not always be open. The site adjoins Nagambie's Golf Course (1996).

11. Walking paths

This side of the road has a dedicated gravel walking path. Other surfaces you will walk are grass, bitumen and concrete footpaths. All are flat, smooth and generally in good condition.

12. Pine Lodge School 202 High St (1872)

Now a private home, this was the second local State School. You can see the Goulburn Valley School signage above the window facing the road.

13. St John's Church of England, 260 High St (1883)

This pretty church set amongst shady trees has a bench seat out front for a rest. Prior to construction services were held in the Mechanics Institute. The nave has a representation of Queen Victoria.

14. Mechanic's Institute, 288 High St (1873)

This has been an historically significant building for servicing the social and cultural life of Nagambie as the library and a venue for performances, shows and hosting events

15. Colonial Bank, 300 High St (1873)

Now accommodating various businesses, the building is constructed of local granite and handmade bricks.

16. Post Office, 302 High St (1887)

This red brick building is typical of many Post Offices built at the beginning of the 20th century in Victoria. It has served as a Post office since construction.

17. Nagambie Newsagency, 310 High St (1887)

This building has served as a newsagent from the time of its construction.

18. Tabilk Hotel (1870)

Originally only a single storey building, the second floor was added in 1911.

19. Flour Mill, 326 High St (1875)

Known as Bradbury's Flour Mill. Housewives once bought flour direct from the Nagambie mills.

20. "Caringa" 4 Prentice St (1908)

Nagambie's first private hospital was established in this house in 1914. It was able to accomodate six patients.

21. Glass Square Reserve

Sporting clubs were relocated here from High St when it was widened. Today it is home to a community space and pizza oven, lawn bowls, tennis and a skate park . It is popular for local gatherings.

22. Freemason's Lodge, 6 Glass St (1925)

Lodge No. 167 is tucked away in a quiet corner of town.

23. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 10 Glass St (1900)

This beautifully constructed church dominates the site with its air of grandeur. The Sunday School Hall was constructed in the same year.

24. Nagambie State School, 31-33 Goulburn St (1885)

Over time Nagambie's third iteration of a State School (No. 1104) has absorbed the student populations of smaller local rural schools.

25. "Goulburn House", 24 Goulburn St (1878)

Another impressive Victorian era property.

26. The Foundry (1904)

Once the site of the Nagambie Harvester Works with twenty-five employees, the James Forbes Harvester was built here. The original owners house "Sebrof" remains next door.

27. Nagambie Railway Station (1880) and Grain Elevator Silos (1951)

Mangalore was the previous end of the line. The railway saw trains begin running as far as Shepparton from 1880. Grain production is a significant part of agricultural economy in the region.

28. Royal Stores, 336-338 High St (1890)

Built with matching period facades and verandahs.

29. General Store, 340 High St (1932)

This building operated as a general store through to 1984. The original "Bushells" advertising on the doors is worth a look.

30. Nagambie Historical Museum, 344 High St (1871)

Home of the first Post Office, Court House and Shire offices, the building now is home to the Nagambie Historical Society. The courtyard has the original stables & electricity plant.

31. Royal Mail Stores, 348 High St (1871)

Built as an attachment to the Royal Mail Hotel, these businesses were originally run by the Hotel owner including a Post Office, general store and farming equipment sales.

32. Royal Mail Hotel, 350 High St (1871)

The Hotel was a Cobb & Co stopover for mail delivery, collection and passenger accomodation.

33. Bofors anti aircraft gun (WWII)

Displayed behind the Senior Citizen's building and RSL.

34. River Street Reserve

It has been quite a walk. This pretty lakeside reserve is the perfect place for a quiet break. It has a view across the lake, water access, public toilets, a playground, picnic facilities and a BBQ.

35. Site of the original Bush Nursing Hospital (1929)

This was the site of one of the first of Victoria's Bush Nursing Hospitals. It is now the location of Nagambie Health.

36. MacKillop Walk

A wooded short cut back to High St via Young St.

37. St Malachay's Catholic Church (1872) & Presbytery (1881), 363 High St

The Church is named after Saint Malachy, a miracle performing Irish Archbishop. The Presbytery is now a community hub. St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is located next door.

38. Major Mitchell Memorial Cairn

Major Mitchell explored the region in 1836. He was a surveyor with a meticulous nature. He planned townships, road routes and completed many empty inland maps.

39. Central median strip public toilets

Clean public toilets can also be found in Buckley Park and River Reserve.

40. Police Camp, 295 High St (1871)

Site of the first Police Camp after which this building became the permanent police station. It is now part of Nagambie Brewery.

41. WWI and WWII Memorial Garden

The garden includes a WWI monument, WWII memorial clock and a rose garden dedicated to those who fell in these two terrible conflicts. ANZAC services are held here every year.

42. Water Tower (1928)

This concrete structure dominates the Nagambie skyline. It replaced the first water tower which is now at the Caravan Park.


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