Port Campbell Discovery Walk

Two Mile Bay Rd, Port Campbell 3269

Port Campbell Discovery Walk

Two Mile Bay Rd, Port Campbell 3269

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1 h 30 m
4.76 km

A spectacular Port Campbell National Park heathland and clifftop return walk with pretty harbour and dramatic coastal views. This track will be enjoyed by all.

Port Campbell Discovery Walk

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A spectacular Port Campbell National Park heathland and clifftop return walk with pretty harbour and dramatic coastal views. This track will be enjoyed by all.


The indigenous flora is beautiful on this lovely return walk (2.4km each way).
Keep an eye open for birdlife and fauna also, the coastline is stunning and the ocean is full of action.

Wildflowers can be discovered any time of year, but spring is a feast. Start from Two Mile Bay Road (as described here) or Port Campbell beach.

Port Campbell harbour is a protected, picture perfect inlet with a sandy and safe beach for swimming.

The town provides all the amenities you are likely to need including public toilets, picnic facilities, potable water, fuel, dining and shopping. There is plenty of car parking, but it can get busy.

If starting from Two Mile Bay Road, be aware there is no directional sign on the Great Ocean Road to it. Parking is alongside the circular loop at the terminus of Two Mile Bay Road.

The track is firm compacted gravel and well maintained by Parks Vic - suitable for most people. The steps at Port Campbell climb to the crest of the headland, but risers are low so the stepping is relatively easy. There are rest platforms and seats along the way.

The weather is variable, be prepared. The cliffs are big and unstable, make sure you keep your distance.

Pets are prohibited in the National Park.

There are many other remarkable walks nearby.

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Points of Interest

1. Two Mile Bay Road

There is no sign pointing off the Great Ocean Road, so watch carefully for the entry. Car parking is alongside the return circle at the end of the road. Note: you can also view the walk by helicopter.

2. Trailhead

There is a directional sign where the walking track meets the car park saying Port Campbell walking track. This is the same track as that often referred to as the "Port Campbell Discovery Track".

3. Seating provided

Seats are situated along the track for rest and observation.

4. Binoculars advised

The views and the ocean are full of drama. You never know what you will see. Southern Right Whales pass between May and December on their annual migration.

5. Kangaroo tails

Mid winter the new stems are emergent.

6. Heathland and low coastal forest

The surrounding vegetation is dense, weathered, full of personality and beauty.

7. Views of the sculpted coast

The soft limestone cliffs take a constant pounding from water and wind to create an ever changing sculpted Australian edge. This doesn't deter hardy wave riders though.

8. Approaching the harbour

This natural pocket harbour has sheltered waters protected from the wild southern ocean. In 1840 Captain Alexander Campbell sought refuge here for this very reason. By 1870 it was a fishing port.

9. View of the jetty - boat crane in action

A harbour on the Shipwreck Coast is a precious thing. The jetty offers a safe berth and extraction from the water using a boat crane.

10. The locals love it here too

Keep an eye open for the resident birdlife. In this case a New Holland Honey-eater.

11. Steps up

At this point there used to be steps straight down to where Port Campbell Creek meets the beach below. However, they are now closed and you take these steps up to meet newer steps down to the river.

12. Looking back

Looking back across Port Campbell Creek to the harbour.

13. The foot bridge

The footbridge over the creek is a feature in its own right.

14. The foreshore

Port Campbell beach is equipped with all the amenities you require for a great time by the water.

15. Annual winter solstice swim

A great time in the water is also on offer.

16. A beach front loop before returning

As you head back along the beach and onto your return leg to Two Mile Bay Road, chances are you will get to say good bye to a local or two also enjoying the waterside. Maybe this White-faced Heron.

17. Back on track

Returning to the swing bridge marks the point of revisiting the track you arrived on. Opposite, you can see the steps back up to the clifftops.


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