Thomas Street Reserve Accessible Walk, Hampton

164 Thomas St., Hampton 3188

Thomas Street Reserve Accessible Walk, Hampton

164 Thomas St., Hampton 3188

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Accessible spaces are for all. This walking and rolling reserve shows how. The smooth sealed path loops around a pretty reserve fringed by trees. The play space is richly and artfully accessible.

Thomas Street Reserve Accessible Walk, Hampton

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Accessible spaces are for all. This walking and rolling reserve shows how. The smooth sealed path loops around a pretty reserve fringed by trees. The play space is richly and artfully accessible.


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View accessible artworks by deaf and disabled artists. Enter an enchanting accessible play space of many parts. Take the walk or roll around this exciting park.

Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible for everyone. It is easy to do by foot, in a wheelchair or with any other mobility aid.

How accessible is the path?
The reserve is flat with only one minor rise. The path is a loop around the reserve. Boundaries are visible from all points. All paths are sealed, smooth and wide. There is room for side by side travel. There are no steps. Surfaces bedside the path are grassy or sandy.

If the full loop is too long, returning or pick-ups from suburban street entrances around the park can be arranged. Wheelchairs can turn around. Mobile coverage is good.

You may need to share some paths with cyclists.

Rest areas
Seating with armrests, paved connections to the path and side space for mobility aids is regularly spaced along the path. There is shade from trees and shelters. BBQs, tables and bins are provided.

Accessible adventure playspace includes a ramped castle, roll under sand pits (see banner photo), roll on play equipment, tactile and sensory experiences.

Accessible water fountains have been installed. Some have stiff buttons. Carrying a water bottle is a good idea.

There is a changing places toilet (MLAK key required) and accessible toilet (see photos).

Dogs must be on leash.

One on street accessible parking space has a protected side zone and ramped access into the park. Rear loading is toward the street. The surface is sealed, in good condition. There is a low concrete edge between the parking space and the street. No road crossing or travel through a car park is required.

Public Transport
It is 180 metres along a concrete footpath to the 828 route bus stop on Thomas St. There is passenger information, but no shelter or seating.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of our accessible Walking Maps. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey. . Your feedback will help us to create local walks information of high quality for carers and people with disability.

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“Walking and rolling together” is a partnership between Victoria Walks and Scope..

Logo Victoria Walks acknowledges the support of Access for All Abilities, an initative of the Victorian Government.
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Points of Interest

1. Accessible parking

There is one on street accessible parking space with a protected side zone. The angle parking backs on to Thomas Street.

2. Map sign

A map sign is positioned at the main gate.

3. Picnic shelters

There are several shelters with paved connections to the walk and internal space for wheelchairs.

4. BBQs and bins

BBQs are connected by paved paths to the walk. Bins are provided.

5. Dogs

Dogs must be on a leash.

6. Paths

The loop path is sealed, smooth and 2 metres in width.

7. Artworks

Beautiful artworks including many by deaf and disabled artists are on display.

8. One minor slope

There is only one slope on the loop walk. It is a gentle one.

9. Seating

Seats with armrests are placed frequently along the path. They are on paved bases connected to the pathway. Note the hi viz kids exploring the shrubbery.

10. Trees

The reserve boasts some wonderful large trees along the path.

11. Drinking water

Accessible water fountains are provided. These include dog bowls. Button activation can be a bit stiff. Carrying a water bottle is always a good idea.

12. Accessible play space

The accessible playscape has many accessible features such as roll in castles and roll under sand pits, a roll on carousel and roll along boardwalks.

13. Ramp to wheelchair sway capsule

There are various pieces of roll on play equipment including this wheelchair sway capsule. Ramps are wide and have bumper edging.

14. Live outdoor DJ deck

Amongst the great equipment for outdoor fun is this working DJ desk with dual platters and sealed slide controls. It is a dance magnet for everyone.

15. Braille and Auslan

Braille and Auslan signs dot the path.

16. Ramped nature trail

This ramped nature trail through a small forested area of She Oaks takes walkers and rollers past sculptural surprises.

17. Accessible sculptures by deaf and disabled artists

Sculptures made at Arts Access Victoria's Art Day South studio for deaf and disabled artists are found in the reserve. "Meet the creatures we made. They are good creatures. They are good hearted."

18. Changing places and accessible toilets

The changing places bathroom has a door 1.02 metres wide (MLAK required). The accessible toilet has a door 0.88 metres wide and a floor area of 3.5x2 metres.


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