Crater Rim Walk, Budj Bim

Mt Eccles Rd

Crater Rim Walk, Budj Bim

Mt Eccles Rd

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1 h 50 m
3.07 km

An amazing walk around the edge of the (now dormant) volcano to the peak of 'Mount' Budj Bim, taking in views over Lake Surprise.

Crater Rim Walk, Budj Bim

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An amazing walk around the edge of the (now dormant) volcano to the peak of 'Mount' Budj Bim, taking in views over Lake Surprise.


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A stunning walk that highlights a unique landscape. The path is quite steep in parts with sharp drops into the crater (lake).

There are fences where needed for safety, but walkers will need good fitness and strength for the hilly parts of the track.

Apart from many views over Lake Surprise, you may be lucky enough to spot koalas among the Manna Gums and lizards - or even snakes at ground level (we didn't see any snakes, but others we met on the walk did!) Be alert, not alarmed!

The peak of Budj Bim has great cultural significance to the Gunditjmara people.

While you are in the area, we strongly recommend you take time to visit the Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre and Café to learn that the "Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is a unique place with universal heritage values that demonstrate how Gunditjmara people worked with the natural resources and environment of the Victorian south west region to establish a permanent place of human society over the past 30,000 years and beyond."

Tae Rek offers guided tours to experience the Budj Bim World Heritage listed Cultural Landscape sites with a Gunditjmara guide.

Budj Bim National Park is managed by Parks Victoria.

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Points of Interest

1. Wide path

The path was nice and wide and recently mown when we visited, but not sure if it always is.

2. Lake view

One of the many opportunities on the walk to see the lake.

3. Steps

The basic steps provide welcome assistance climbing up the hill.

4. The path narrows

As you climb the crater's rim on the southern section of the walk, the path is steep and narrow for a bit which gives a sense of what the volcano may have been like.

5. Viewing platform

A wonderful platform that seems to extend out over the drop to give an impressive view up the lake.

6. View of the lake

The platform gives a pretty impressive view.

7. Farming land

The National Park borders farming land. Moooo.

8. Narrow path

The path gets quite narrow and has a fence both sides to the farm and the steep descent.

9. View with a seat

Another seat looking over a stone fence.

10. Changing vegetation?

The vegetation seems to change as you walk towards the shaded northern escarpment where more Blackwoods can be seen.

11. Forest of Austral Bracken

"most common and widespread fern in Victoria. The starchy rhizomes were roasted and beaten into a paste, and then eaten by Aboriginal people. The green parts of the fern are toxic and were not eaten"

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12. Steps

A set of steps takes you past the cave towards the finish of the walk.

13. Cave (artery of lava)

For the Gunditjmara , the "cave's dark entrance an artery or orifice through which the ancestral creation being's essence emerged".


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