Western & Eastern Beaches Accessible Walk

Western Beach car park, Western Beach Rd., Geelong 3220

Western & Eastern Beaches Accessible Walk

Western Beach car park, Western Beach Rd., Geelong 3220

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1 h 30 m
3.49 km

With paths designed and built for accessibility, this return walk or roll along the Corio Bay shoreline is something special. There are lots of things to see and do.

Western & Eastern Beaches Accessible Walk

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With paths designed and built for accessibility, this return walk or roll along the Corio Bay shoreline is something special. There are lots of things to see and do.


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Is this walk accessible for me?
This popular walk is accessible for everyone. It is easy to do by foot, in a wheelchair or with any other mobility aid. There are piers where people using mobility aids can get over the water.

What can I see?
You will see Corio Bay, sandy beaches, seabirds, boats and ships. The shoreline has art, playgrounds, piers, a ferris wheel, cafes, swimming pools and sea baths. Accessible beach mats form paths onto the sand.

How accessible is the path?
The path is sealed, smooth, wide and generally flat. The mapped walk has no steps. There is a short slope beside Cunningham Pier. Side by side travel is possible and wheelchairs can turn easily.

The walk is easy to follow along the shoreline.

For shorter walks, you can start or finish anywhere and arrange drop-offs and pick-ups from other locations along the walk. Mobile coverage is good.

Driveway crossings are either smooth or ramped. There is a kerbless traffic light crossing.

Some sections of the path have drop offs to the sand or water.

Cyclists may share some paths.

Rest areas
Every sort of seat can be found on this walk. Many have armrests. There are picnic tables, BBQs and cafes. There are many shelters. The path also has many tall trees, but they are not very shady. Be SunSmart.

Easy to use accessible drinking fountains can be found along the walk.

This walk is very popular. It is used by many people. Traffic in the area can be quite busy.

Accessible toilets are situated at each end of the walk.

Dogs must be on leash.

Public Transport
There is no public transport along the beaches. Bus No. 20 runs on Mercer Street and Bus No. 1 on Brougham Street.

There are two accessible spaces with protected side space and ramped access directly to the walking path at the western end of Western Beach car park. There are more all along the walk. You can start anywhere. Surfaces are firm, wide and flat. Not all accessible spaces have protected side spaces.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of this accessible Walking Map. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey . Your feedback will help us to create high quality information about accessible walks.

“Together More Active” is a partnership between Victoria Walks, Disability Sport & Recreation and Regional Sport Victoria.

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Points of Interest

1. Accessible parking

The Western Beach car park has two accessible spaces with a protected side space and ramped access directly onto the walking path. The gap to he path is 1.45 metres.

2. Accessible signage

Interesting signs describing features of the area are beside the path at an accessible height for everyone.

3. Seabirds

There are plenty of seabirds such as this Pelican to see. This one was catching small fish in the sea between Cunningham Pier and the walking path.

4. Art, drinking water and toilets

The walk has many things to offer. Beside Cunningham Pier is an example of the many bollard artworks, an accessible drinking water fountain and toilets.

5. Accessible toilets

The accessible toilet facilities are excellent. Door opening 850 millimetres. Floor area 2.36x2.28 metres.

6. Internal and external accessible drinking water

An unusual feature of this walk is that you can also access drinking water under cover.

7. View to Cunningham Pier

The historic Cunningham Pier can be seen from both sides on this walk. The view from the wonderfully accessible eastern boardwalk surrounding the Information Centre is great.

8. Take a pier walk or roll

There is an accessible over the water alternative to Cunningham Pier and its busy traffic. Take a look at this neighbouring pier with a dedicated smooth, firm and flat non slip plastic surface.

9. Map sign

At the half way point there is a map sign in case you need to check where you are along the walk.

10. Alternative pick up or drop off locations

There are several accessible parking spaces along the walk with protected side spaces. You can easily arrange a shorter walk if you wish. Mobile coverage is good.

11. Beach access

Beach mats are in place here at eastern Beach for access to the sand or by the children's swimming pool across the sand of Geelong Beach to the water edge.

12. Eastern Beach Boardwalk Promenade

The Boardwalk Promenade around the sea baths loops from and back to the beach. Narrow wheeled chairs and people uncertain on their feet may find it a bit bumpy. There are no internal safety rails.

13. The only kerb

The Eastern Beach playground has a surrounding path with shade shelters and a couple of accessible features. However, there is a kerb to cross.

14. Kiosk

The Kiosk provides accessible food and drink services. There are no steps to the serving window or to the sheltered outdoor tables. There are more accessible toilets next door.

15. The paths

Paths are sealed, wide, smooth and flat. There is room for turning and side by side travel.

16. Edges

It is good to see highlight strips on edges along the walking paths.

17. Yarra St crossing

Yarra St services car parking by the Wharf Shed. It has a kerbless traffic light pedestrian crossing continuous with the walking path.

18. Lawn ramp

The Steampacket Gardens Open Lawn is an event space with water views. There is a wide accessible ramp to the lawns.

19. Accessible public art

Aside from the famous Geelong Beaches bollard art trail, there is plenty more accessible art to enjoy along this walk, such as this impressive fin sculpture.

20. Cunningham Pier crossing

At Cunningham Pier vertical steel uprights block cars from the walking path while providing plenty of space between them for walking or rolling across. Old rail lines are smooth to cross.

21. The only slope

Between Cunningham Pier and Western Beach is a modest 40 metre slope down to the water edge. There are no safety rails at the bottom.

22. Shade

The walking path has built shelters and trees. However, as a beachfront it remains very exposed to the weather. Check the forecast and prepare accordingly before you go.


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Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
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Art and culture Art and culture
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