Brambuk Wetland Accessible Walk, Halls Gap

Brambuk National Park Information & Cultural Centre, 277 Grampians Road, Halls Gap 3382

Brambuk Wetland Accessible Walk, Halls Gap

Brambuk National Park Information & Cultural Centre, 277 Grampians Road, Halls Gap 3382

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Walking or rolling around the Fyans Valley wetland and the gardens of Brambuk Cultural Precinct is a great way to sample the beauty of the Grampians close to Halls Gap.

Brambuk Wetland Accessible Walk, Halls Gap

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Walking or rolling around the Fyans Valley wetland and the gardens of Brambuk Cultural Precinct is a great way to sample the beauty of the Grampians close to Halls Gap.


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This walk takes you between a bushy wetland and Fyans Creek to the Grampians National Park Information Centre and Brambuk Cultural Centre. There are kangaroos, emus and many other native birds to see.

Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible by foot, wheelchair or other mobility aid.

How accessible is the path?
This is a peaceful bushland setting. The path surfaces include asphalt, boardwalk, and compacted gravel. They are generally smooth, firm and gently undulating. There are direction and map signs with distances. Interpretive signs around the garden section describe features of the area.

The path is wide enough for travel side-by-side, turns and passing. Edges are clear of the creek and wetland. A slightly uneven garden boardwalk over wetland has buffered edging, but no safety rails.

The bush setting means trees and shrubs have occasional low branches, scattered leaves and twigs. No steps are encountered. After rain there is some gravel softening, not enough to limit wheelchair access.

Shorter alternative walks are available, such as around the Information Centre Garden. The car park is the only pick up point. Mobile phone cover may not be reliable.

A plan for renovating the Cultural Centre is noted (building and surrounds are not being maintained at present).

Rest areas
The path is well shaded by many trees. Built shade is available at the Information Centre.

Seating is limited to benches around the building. The temporarily closed café seating is stacked away from public use. Food and drink services are available in nearby Halls Gap.

Roll under outdoor picnic tables are provided near the car park (not all have accessible paths).

Carry your own water. Please take your rubbish with you.

There is an accessible toilet. See photo for details.

Dogs are not permitted in the National Park.

There is room to pick up, drop off or park. Accessible spaces are in upper and lower car parks either side of the Information Centre. The best location from which to access the wetland loop is the lower car park with 3 wide accessible spaces on a sealed surface beside the walk.

The nearest ramp through the kerb to the walk is a few meters up the minor slope of the car park. Watch for entering traffic.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of our accessible Walking Maps. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey. Your feedback will help us to create high quality information about accessible walks.

“Walking and Rolling Together” is a partnership between Victoria Walks, Disability Sport & Recreation and Regional Sport Victoria.

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Points of Interest

1. Accessible car parking

There are car parks on opposite sides of the front of the National Park Information Centre. The lower one best connects with the walking path with 3 wide accessible spaces at its beginning.

2. A connecting path

A ramped path from the car park connects walkers and rollers to the start of the walking trail. You cross the sealed Halls Gap shared pathway to get to it. Note: cyclists share this pathway.

3. Outdoor picnic tables

Near the car park are some roll under outdoor accessible picnic tables. Not all are serviced by accessible paths like this one.

4. A well signed walk

Both directional and map signs are provided at various locations along walking path.

5. A fork in the path

At this intersection by the bottom of the wetland you can take either the left or right fork . They rejoin a bit further on. The left fork is wider with fewer fallen twigs and leaf litter.

6. Compacted gravel paths

Wide compacted gravel and granitic sand paths follow Fyans Creek from car park to Cultural Centre. Note: after wind and rain some areas may be softer than usual. This push wheelchair had no problems.

7. Wildlife

There are plenty of wildlife and birdlife observations to be made in the Grampians. This includes in the Brambuk Precinct close to Halls Gap. This Emu was happily grazing across the creek.

8. Brambuk Cultural Centre

The remarkable Cultural Centre building is currently closed for renovation expected to be ongoing in 2024. As a consequence, the surrounding areas are a bit neglected. The building is worth visiting!

9. Cultural Centre garden path

The interesting Cultural Centre Garden has a sealed, smooth and wide garden path with a mild slope.

10. Garden boardwalk

The 1.72 meter wide garden boardwalk is fairly smooth and has timber buffers to prevent rolling into the wetland below. This is the narrowest pathway of the walk.

11. The backdrop

The natural backdrop to the Brambuk Precinct is nothing short of spectacular.

12. Information, gift shop and cafe

Wall charts and relief maps provide Grampians information. You can pick up a map or souvenir here. Cafe operations are suspended. Check beforehand if you are thinking to purchase food or drink.

13. National Park Information Centre

Paths around the National Park Information Centre are sealed, wide and smooth. This is where to find seating (benches only). There is a mild slope outside the front of the building.

14. Accessible toilet

The accessible toilet is between the Information Centre and Parks Vic Admin Building. The door is 0.9 meters wide. The floor area is 1.78x1.78 meters. The door is quite heavy. Lighting is on a timer.

15. Approaching the toilets

Approach the accessible toilet using the smooth and wide concrete ramp at the rear of the National Park Information Centre. The condition of the front path is poor due to a large tree root.


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