Anglesea River Accessible Walk

Anglesea Beach Playground, Great Ocean Rd., Anglesea 3230

Anglesea River Accessible Walk

Anglesea Beach Playground, Great Ocean Rd., Anglesea 3230

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This attractive accessible walk has smooth, firm paths through pretty beach and riverside vegetation. The river is a wide and inviting waterway. It is a great spot for both people and birdwatching.

Anglesea River Accessible Walk

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This attractive accessible walk has smooth, firm paths through pretty beach and riverside vegetation. The river is a wide and inviting waterway. It is a great spot for both people and birdwatching.


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What can I see?
Anglesea is a popular place for day trips and holidays due to wonderful coastal, beach and river scenery. Walk or roll the inviting Anglesea River along either bank according to your ability. The west side is accessible to everyone, the east side is accessible to some mobility aid users.

Both paths eventually meet sandy tracks to the beach which are not included on this map.

How accessible is the path?
The walk is easy to follow. Path surfaces vary depending on which side of the river you are on. The west bank path is sealed, smooth, flat and wide. The east bank path is compacted, firm, smooth and wide to the boardwalks before the sand. There is a ti-tree tunnel at the end. No steps or crossfall are encountered.

The narrowest section of path is at the playground - 1.2 meters wide. The western path widens to 2 meters. The eastern path widens further to 2.8 meters and a boardwalk before narrowing again to 1.3 meters.

The riverbanks are connected by a 1.3-meter-wide concrete footpath across the Great Ocean Road bridge. Note: the bridge has lips at either end with a short steep slope on the eastern side. Some people with disability may choose to cross. Alternatively, drive to the eastern car park.

There is room to turn and roll side by side for wheelchairs. Shorter distances are facilitated by car parks all along Great Ocean Road. Mobile phone coverage is good. All paths are exposed to the weather.

Pathway seating is available. There is a ramped accessible shelter with BBQs, a concrete floor with room for wheelchairs and roll under picnic tables. Three outdoor BBQ areas have accessible paths to them, bins and picnic tables. There are two playgrounds of limited accessibility. Interpretive signage describes local features. A traffic light pedestrian crossing is available to food and drink services at Anglesea shops.

Jetties extend out above the water without safety rails. Wheel buffers are installed.

Accessible drinking fountains are available.

A changing places bathroom and accessible toilets are found at the start of the walk and the bridge.

Dogs must be on leash. Cyclists may share some pathways.

Go to this web site for local bus information: McHarrys bus services

Two side protected accessible parking spaces are clearly signed with ramped access directly to the sealed walking path. Car park surfaces are sealed, smooth, wide and flat. No road or car park crossings are required on the walk as mapped.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice and variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of our accessible Walking Maps. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey

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Points of Interest

1. Parking and accessible toilets

There is accessible parking with protected side space and ramped access to the path and toilet block. A changing places bathroom (MLAK required, door 1 meter) and accessible toilet (door 0.88 meter).

2. Anglesea Beach playground

This playground has a 1.2 meter wide sealed path around it. Accessible drinking water is provided.

3. Sandy beach paths

At each end of the walk are sandy paths to the river mouth and Anglesea Beach. Note the seasonal limits to dog walking.

4. Accessible BBQ shelter

The BBQ shelter has ramped access with concrete flooring, picnic tables and room to move a wheelchair. It is home to the Angelsea Information facility.

5. Jetties

There are several jetties over the water for sitting, fishing or taking some nice photos. Note the absence of safety rails. They do have wheel buffers at board level.

6. Sealed paths and outdoor BBQ areas

The western side sealed paths are 2.0 meters wide. The outdoor BBQ areas include accessible paths, bins and picnic tables. Anglesea Bridge also has an accessible toilet.

7. View from the bridge

It is a lovely view along the river, even on a cloudy day.

8. Anglesea River bridge

The concrete path across the bridge is 1.3 meters wide. It has lips and a short, steep slope at the eastern end. There are car parks on both sides if you prefer to drive across.

9. Signage

Follow the directional and interpretive signs as you go.

10. Lions Park Reserve playground

This Reserve also has a playground including a BBQ shelter. From here you can follow the walking path to a traffic light pedestrian crossing to Anglesea shopping center.

11. Public art

There are a few displays of public art along the walk to enjoy, such as this novel pair of picnic tables.

12. Eastern riverbank walk

The compacted path begins as 2.8 meters wide. It is smooth and firm.

13. Boardwalks

There are 2 boardwalks at this end of the walk. The first is broad with wheel buffers.

14. Last boardwalk

This boardwalk narrows has lips at both ends and some ingrowth from the surrounding salt marsh.

15. Ti-tree Tunnel

The last section of the walk that may be accessible to some mobility aid users is the ti-tree tunnel. It is perfect for kids to create fantastic stories about.

16. Eastern sandy path to the river mouth

The map terminates at the sandy path to the river mouth.


Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Art and culture Art and culture
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden
Accessible walk Accessible walk