Westgate Park Accessible Park Walk

Salt Lake car park, Todd Rd., Westgate Park, Port Melbourne 3207

Westgate Park Accessible Park Walk

Salt Lake car park, Todd Rd., Westgate Park, Port Melbourne 3207

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There is a flourishing natural space in a surprising place, under the Westgate Bridge! Everyone can visit. This accessible Parks Victoria walk or roll shows why giving nature a hand is so worthwhile.

Westgate Park Accessible Park Walk

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There is a flourishing natural space in a surprising place, under the Westgate Bridge! Everyone can visit. This accessible Parks Victoria walk or roll shows why giving nature a hand is so worthwhile.


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40 years ago Westgate Park was wasteland. It has been planted to become a park. Healthy native vegetation and birdlife are the result.

Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible to everyone, by foot, wheelchair or other mobility aid.

How accessible is the path?
There are direction signs. Paths are sealed, compacted or firm dirt. A footbridge has concrete and boardwalk surfaces. There is room for side-by-side walking or rolling and turning a wheelchair. You can choose shorter routes. Mobile phone coverage is good. Service vehicles can access parts of the park in emergencies.

The mapped paths are generally flat with some mild slopes and no steps. There are small lips where path surfaces change, soft edges in some places and occasional low hanging branches. Some paths have root rises. Dirt surfaces may get muddy or slippery when wet.

Rest areas
Bench seating is provided. Trees provide shade. There is built shelter at the BBQ area. A wheelchair can enter the shelter, but not move around easily. There are no bins, please take rubbish home.

There are also outdoor picnic tables and a large lawn for picnicking. 2 locations have drinking water. The picnic area fountain is not accessible. Carry a water bottle.

A viewing platform has views across the lake.

An accessible toilet is provided.

Dogs must be on a leash. Cyclists may share some paths.
There is background traffic noise from nearby Westgate Bridge.

Public transport
Wharf Rd buses 235 and 606 stop at a terminus behind the park. The stop has information, shelter, seating and a sealed footpath. There is a signed park entry. It is a 10 meter steepish slope on loose gravel and crosses a disused railway line.

Alternatively, get off at the corner of Todd & Wharf Rd for the Todd Rd entrance (500 meters by footpath). Road crossing is required.

Parking is available in the Todd Rd Salt Lake car park with space for drivers to pick up/drop people off and park. It has direct access to the path. Gaps through bollards on the path are 1.5 meters. There are no allocated accessible spaces - ramps through kerbs may be blocked by other visitors.

The car park surface is sealed, firm and flat. Speed humps and some potholes are present. Another small car park nearby has an entry to the path of 0.75 meters width.

The following photos and descriptions give more accessibility information. Things may change. If you notice changes, please let us know.

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Points of Interest

1. Salt Lake car park

The car park has direct access to the walking path into the park. There is ramped access through 1.5 meter spaced bollards. The absence of designated accessible parking may result in blocked ramps.

2. Secondary car park

A smaller car park nearby offers path access through a 0.75 meter wide gap in a fence. There are no designated accessible car parking spaces.

3. Entry paths

The entry paths to the park are sealed, smooth, firm and flat. The width here is 2.1 meters. Note the Park View Footbridge. There are information signs under it and it can be climbed for views.

4. Accessible toilet

The accessible toilet has a door width of 0.82 meters and a floor area of 1.95x2.85 meters.

5. BBQ and picnic area

The BBQ shelter will accomodate a wheelchair without much room to move around. Tables are not roll under. The drinking water fountain will not suit all mobility aid users. Carry a water bottle.

6. Great walking or rolling

The park is popular with walkers or rollers of all types and ages.

7. Wetlands footbridge eastern approach

The eastern approach to the footbridge here has a mild slope. The bridge surface is concrete and boardwalk. There are small lips. The footbridge width is 1.95 meters.

8. Bridge to bridge view

Looking across from the Wetlands Footbridge to the West Gate Bridge. The lake is home to many resident and visiting birds.

9. Wetlands footbridge western approach

A short ribbon of pathway across a small, flat grassy lawn takes you to the western approach of the Wetlands footbridge. Manual wheelchair users may require some assistance

10. Viewing platform

This viewing platform is accessed from the path across a slight grassy slope. There is a platform to roll on to and bench seats.

11. Directional and informative signs

Accessible direction signs are placed at path intersections.

12. Wetlands footbridge view

The wetlands footbridge marks and area of wetlands behind the lake. These can be viewed from the service road and other paths connected to the mapped walk.

13. Small root rises

There are occasional root rises into to keep your eyes open for when walking or rolling the path. Path width here is 2.4 meters.

14. Compacted paths

Some paths are of compacted gravel. They are generally fairly smooth, wide and firm. After rain some areas may get muddy or slippery.

15. Public art

Remarkable sculptural artworks by Lyn Moore are discovered throughout the park.

16. Second drinking water fountain

Where the path heads to Lorimer St find located a second drinking water fountain and a seat. This fountain is more accessible than the one at the picnic area and includes a bottle filling tap.

17. Service road and disused freight line

The service vehicle track beside the line is accessible for walking or rolling. Busy ports around the park were serviced by a network of freight lines connected to the State's main railway system.

18. Wharf Rd bus terminus

Buses 235 and 606 stop here. Note the "Westgate Park" entry sign. The entry path is short, steep and has loose gravel.

19. Wharf Rd entry

This entry is through bollards 1.75 meters apart, up a short steep slope of loose gravel and across the railway line. Mobility aid users may find Todd Rd access to be preferable.

20. Woodland birds

It is just as easy to birdwatch for woodland birds as its is for water birds in Westgate Park. The wrens seem particularly carefree, such as this Scrub wren scanning the area for a feed.


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