Bushland Circuit Accessible Walk, Yarra Bend Park, Kew

Studley Park Picnic Area, Boathouse Rd., Kew 3101

Bushland Circuit Accessible Walk, Yarra Bend Park, Kew

Studley Park Picnic Area, Boathouse Rd., Kew 3101

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Yarra Bend is a Parks Victoria accessible gem. Walk or roll Studley Park's beautiful Bushland Circuit for woodland wildlife, riverside forest greenery and the fresh smell of eucalyptus in the air.

Bushland Circuit Accessible Walk, Yarra Bend Park, Kew

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Yarra Bend is a Parks Victoria accessible gem. Walk or roll Studley Park's beautiful Bushland Circuit for woodland wildlife, riverside forest greenery and the fresh smell of eucalyptus in the air.


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Walk or roll amongst the trees of the beautiful forest beside the Yarra River. Enjoy the smell of eucalyptus and views to the water. Look for water and woodland birds and animals.

Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible for everyone by foot, wheelchair or other mobility aid.

How accessible is the path?
You may choose to use steps down from the car park to the walking path or ramps at either end. Direction signs point the way. There is generally room for side-by-side travel. The narrowest section of path is on the lower part of the Circuit at 1.5 meters wide. The Bushland Circuit has a mild slope at the bottom of the loop.

Walkers and rollers can turn around before the end of the loop for a shorter walk. Mobile phone coverage is good. The car park is the only point of vehicle access.

There is a short slope and crossfall at the upper ramp entry. Assistance here is recommended. Where the asphalt meets compacted gravel there are shallow lips. Soft edges, tree roots and mild erosion may be encountered within 1 meter of the path. Some low hanging branches may be encountered.

Rest areas
The BBQ and picnic area has accessible BBQs, room for wheelchairs under shelter and roll under picnic tables. An accessible drinking fountain is provided. There are few bins – please take your rubbish home.

There is information signage at the beginning of and along the path.

The path is largely shaded by trees. There is 1 bench seat on the Circuit.

Food and drink services are available at Studley Park Boathouse.

There is an accessible toilet.

This is a popular park and can be very busy. Many people walk their dogs here. Dogs must be on a leash. Cyclists may share paths as well.

There is no public transport into the Studley Park Picnic Area. Buses 200, 202 and 207 stop on Studley Park Rd. From there you can walk to the Boathouse.

There are 2 accessible parking areas. The surface is sealed, firm and wide. 1 flat space by the toilets has protected side and rear zones. This space requires travel through the car park to get to the lower ramp to the walking path (the smoothest option).

2 spaces on a mild slope at the top of the car park do not have clear ground marking, protected side or rear zones. They have uneven ramped access to the walking path. The upper ramp is moderately steep, it crosses an unguarded culvert and there are moderate lips at the path edges. This ramp is also the Studley Park Boathouse delivery route.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

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Points of Interest

1. Upper accessible parking

There are 2 signed upper accessible spaces. They are on a sealed, slightly sloping surface without asphalt markings or protected side or rear zones. They connect directly to a ramp to the path.

2. Upper ramp access to the path

The upper ramp has a moderate slope and cross fall to the 1.75m wide path. Path edges have drop offs. There is an unguarded culvert. Assistance may be required or use the smoother lower access ramp.

3. Studley Park Boathouse

For food and drink service there is a smooth, firm and flat compacted granitic sand path to the Studley Park Boathouse next to the walk.

4. Studley Park Picnic Area

Concrete island accessible BBQs, picnic tables and drinking water are provided, including an accessible shelter. The concrete bases have small lips. They are connected by a compacted path.

5. Lower accessible parking space

The lower accessible car parking space has protected side and rear zones. It is on a smooth sealed, flat surface next to the accessible toilet. Ramp access to the path is past the toilet block.

6. Map and features sign

A sign in the picnic area has a map and descriptions of features of the area.

7. Accessible toilet

The accessible toilet has a door width of 0.92 meters. The floor area is 2.25x2.2 meters.

8. Coming off the asphalt

Just past Kane's Bridge the asphalt gives way to a compacted gravel surface. There are small lips where the surface changes.

9. Circuit entry

The entry to the Bushland Circuit is clearly marked. For a shorter, flatter return walk or roll take the higher path where the loop begins.

10. The loop

The loop begins at an accessible direction sign. You can travel either way. The path varies in width from 1.5 to more than 2.0 meters. There is room for side by side travel for much of the route.

11. View back to Kane's Bridge

The Yarra River presents a pretty picture.

12. Interpretive signs

There are interpretive signs at the beginning of and along the path describing natural aspects of the walk.

13. Mild erosion and small tree roots

The path has some mild erosion at the edges. Small tree roots rise in some spots, so keep an eye on the ground as well as the beautiful forest around you.

14. A return loop

The path slopes down gently along the riverside before this mild 50 meter slope to the return path. This bench is the only seat on the loop path. Manual wheelchair users may require some assistance.

15. Cubby

Someone has been having fun in the woodland. However, it is preferable to let fallen organic matter lie on the forest floor to become a valuable food source or shelter for wildlife.

16. Kane's Bridge

If you choose to take in the river view from the footbridge, the width is 1.65 meters. The boardwalk surface is mildly uneven with gaps and dips. The path beyond the bridge is not accessible.


Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
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Accessible walk Accessible walk