Victoria Park Accessible Walk, Ballarat

Victoria Park Accessible Playspace, Oak Ave., Newington 3350

Victoria Park Accessible Walk, Ballarat

Victoria Park Accessible Playspace, Oak Ave., Newington 3350

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Walk or roll one of Ballarat's biggest and most significant parks. There is much to see and do. The accessible play space is one of the best anywhere and the walk can be as long or short as you like.

Victoria Park Accessible Walk, Ballarat

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Walk or roll one of Ballarat's biggest and most significant parks. There is much to see and do. The accessible play space is one of the best anywhere and the walk can be as long or short as you like.


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This impressive accessible walk has lots to see. It includes a fully accessible play space, excellent BBQ, picnic, public disc golf, equestrian and sport facilities. There are mullock heaps, a small lake, extensive grasslands, revegetated areas, pine forest and grand avenues of mature trees.

Is this walk accessible for me?
The walk is accessible to everyone by foot, wheelchair or other mobility aid. Many pick up points mean shorter routes are easily arranged. Mobile phone coverage is good. For the full distance, some mobility aid users may require assistance.

How accessible is the path?
Map signs and distance markers are placed along the path. The path goes around the park. It is generally flat with a few mild slopes.

Paths are from 1.5 to 2.4 meters wide. There are no steps. They are either sealed or of compacted gravel, smooth and wide. Some have small root rises and may become muddy when wet. Path edges are to soil or grass that may be soft.

There is space to run a wheelchair around and for side by side travel.

Lightly trafficked internal roads do not have marked pedestrian crossings. All road crossings are ramped.

Rest areas
Occasional shelter sites and mature trees provide shade. The path is exposed to the weather. Picnic table and shelter seats are provided. There is no regular seating along the walk.

Accessible drinking water fountains are in the accessible play space and neighbouring BBQ / picnic area. Otherwise, carry water.

There are accessible toilets and a Changing Places bathroom at the accessible play space. At the neighbouring BBQ / picnic area is another accessible toilet. At Victoria park Oval 4 is an accessible toilet (check opening hours).

Dogs must be on leash unless in a designated off leash area. They must be 50 meters clear of events, training, children's play equipment, picnic areas and 10 meters clear of any path.

Cyclists may share some paths.

Public Transport
Bus 26 stops at Victoria Park Sturt St entrance with kerb free, wide, smooth, sealed access to the walk. There is passenger information, shelter with seating, room for a mobility aid and a bin.

There are spaces for drivers to pick up/drop off and park all around this large park. 7 parallel, slightly sloping, sealed accessible spaces are directly connected to the path outside the Oak St accessible play space. They do not have any protected space around them. It can get busy.

There are 2 flat, sealed surface accessible spaces with protected side space outside the accessible toilets at the Victoria Park Oval 4 sports facility.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information. Conditions may change. If you notice variations, please let us know.

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Points of Interest

1. Bus stop 26

The bus stop has shelter, seating, mobility aid space, passenger information and kerb free access on a smooth sealed surface to the path.

2. Inclusive play space

This inclusive play space is one of the best we have seen for accessible play equipment and features. There are also accessible BBQ and picnic facilities with shelters and shade.

3. Accessible parking

7 parallel accessible parking spaces are available at the entrance to the inclusive play space. There are no protected side spaces. It can get busy. There are many other parking spaces nearby.

4. Changing places bathroom and accessible toilet

There is a changing places bathroom in the inclusive play space. Master Locksmiths Access Key required. An accessible toilet has a door width of 0.84 meters. Floor area is 2.1x 2.2 meters.

5. BBQ / picnic area

This area has shelters, BBQs and picnic tables accessible by lawn crossings.

6. Accessible toilet

An accessible toilet has a door width of 0.82 meters and floor area of 1.4x2.8 meters. Ballarat parks have the cleanest accessible toilets we have seen across all the accessible walks we have mapped.

7. Accessible drinking water

There is an accessible drinking water fountain in the inclusive play space as well as the neighbouring BBQ / picnic area. Otherwise they are far between. Carry water. Path width 2.4 meters.

8. Disc Golf Course

A disc golf course includes signs outlining rules. The game involves slotting a disc into these baskets in the least number of throws per fairway. This game may suit some people with disability.

9. Road crossings

The park has internal roads. Traffic tends to be light. Some areas may get busy during events such as sport competitions. All road crossings are either kerb free or ramped. Bollard gap is 1.4 meters.

10. Distance markers

The walking path is also a Parkrun route with distance markers along the way. There are also clear map signs at some entrances.

11. Victoria Park sports facility at Ovals 4 & 5 (of 13!)

This sports facility building has 2 accessible parking spaces with protected side space. They are on a smooth, flat, sealed surface beside accessible toilets. A good alternative drop or pick up spot.

12. Mullock heaps

Like much of Ballarat, this area was extensively mined for gold. These remnant bullock heaps are reminders of the busy place this was in the past

13. Muddy when wet

This area of the path displayed evidence of a muddy stretch when wet.

14. Equestrian Precinct

If you love to watch horses in action it is well worth visiting the Ballarat Equestrian Precinct for a closer look than the one you get as you walk or roll past.

15. Dog on and off leash areas

Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times except here at Victoria Park - off leash Dog Park. Dogs must be 50 meters clear of events, play areas and 10 meters clear of walking paths.

16. The narrowest section

The path along Russell St is 1.5 meters wide.

17. Small root rises

Keep your eyes open for small root intrusions into the path.

18. Lake, shelter and playground

This pretty spot is where one of the two lakes in the park is located. There is a shelter, roll on jetty and a playground.

19. Tree shade

Most of the path is exposed to the weather, although there are many beautiful mature shade trees as well.

20. The cannon

The pair of 1867 cannon aligned to defend the main entrance of the park at the intersection of Cedar Drive, Oak and Plane Avenues are worth inspecting.


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