Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

46 Nicholson St, Melbourne VIC 3065, Australia

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

46 Nicholson St, Melbourne VIC 3065, Australia
33 m
2.24 km
Very Easy
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Every year, the undead rise from thier graves and go for a leisurely stroll through the city in search of braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.....

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

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This isn't really so much of a walk as a slow saunter, dawdle, shuffle, drag, lumber or a stumble. The rules are very simple, bring your boy/girlfriend, your mate, dog, cat, grandpa or your little zombies - the only condition is that you must be undead.

The route is a little different every year, but in 2011, the hungry hoardes departed Carlton Gardens and headed south on La Trobe St, to Exhibition St, then Bourke St Mall, Swanston St, across the bridge at Federation Square, finishing at Alexandra Gardens.

This walk takes a lot longer than half an hour to give time for shufflers to be ushered across the busy roads and of course for the alive to take photographs of this rare phenomenon.

For those who are interested, check out the facebook page,!/melbournezombieshuffle

In 2011, the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle attracted 10,000 zombies!

There's also a YouTube clip.


Points of Interest

1. Zombie mingling point

Zombies have an hour before the walk sets off to admire each other's gruesome costumes and disgusting makeup.

2. La Trobe Street

The shuffle gains momentum...

3. Bourke Street Mall

The crowd really gathers here, it's prime zombie shuffling territory. Make sure you put forward your most hideous face for the cameras!

4. Flinders Street Station

A great place for iconic zombie photos.... Can be rather dangerous crossing the road - be sure to follow directions of police.


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