MacKenzie Falls lookout walk, the Grampians

Wartook Road, Grampians National Park, Zumsteins VIC 3401, Australia

MacKenzie Falls lookout walk, the Grampians

Wartook Road, Grampians National Park, Zumsteins VIC 3401, Australia
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The walk to a viewing platform, that overlooks MacKenzie Falls, is an easy, short walk. For the most spectacular view, approach the viewing platform from the right-hand fork of the track.

MacKenzie Falls lookout walk, the Grampians

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Note: See this updated advice (May 2020) from the Victoria Government regarding recreational walking at popular sites such as the Grampians in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is one of the must see sights of Gariwerd (The Grampians). This walks is to the viewing platform. There is also a walk to the base of the falls which is brilliant but somewhat more challenging.

Like most of the area, there are lots of wildflowers in Spring and beautiful bushlands with an abundance of birdlife and animals.

The Parks Victoria website says: "The Bluff Lookout provides sweeping views of MacKenzie Falls and the MacKenzie River from high above the gorge. The lookout provides the only opportunity to capture the multiple cascades of the MacKenzie River as it flows through the gorge, including a wonderful view of MacKenzie Falls. If you can’t make it to the base of the falls, this is the best alternative. Bluff Lookout is accessed via a gently undulating, sealed walking track that wanders through a sheltered woodland. It is suitable for wheelchairs. For the most spectacular view approach the viewing platform from the right-hand fork of the track."

About Gariwerd: "Rising abruptly from the surrounding Western Plains, the Grampians (Gariwerd) is a series of rugged sandstone mountain ranges and forests rich in wildlife. One of Victoria?s most popular holiday destinations, the park is a great venue for camping, climbing, scenic drives, bushwalks and nature study.

A network of walking tracks throughout the park allows you to explore cascading waterfalls, brilliant spring wildflower displays, and panoramic views from lookouts".

The path is surfaced and is good for prams (a few small holes and bumps here and there).


Points of Interest

1. Toilets

Good clean toilets at the start or end of your walk are always welcome!

2. The path

Nice start to the walk past the blackwood and stringy bark trees. Wallabies are often here in the evening.

3. The Bluff lookout path

This walk takes you to the Bluff Lookout not the base of the falls (make sure you are on the right path, this is the easier walk).

4. Wildflowers

There are many beautiful wildflowers in Spring.

5. Seat

A welcome seat to sit and smell and hear the sounds of the bush.

6. The Bridge

The bridge over the little gully ensures a smooth path for prams and some wheelchairs.

7. Grass trees

The sandy soils supports an Australian icon the Grass Tree, Xanthorrhoea australis. When in flower they are often called Kangaroo tails as they extend into the air, looking like a roo tail.

8. Beatiful bush

The bush is really beautiful with grass trees, gums and lots of undergrowth.

9. McKenzie Falls

The Falls look magnificent from up here, made us want to go down to the base too.

10. Burnt-out stump

Love this burnt-out stump, although wouldn't want have been here when there was a fire.


Natural Trail Natural Trail
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