Hawthorn Railway Station to Swinburne's 'The George'

1 Rosney Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

Hawthorn Railway Station to Swinburne's 'The George'

1 Rosney Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia
22 m
1.7 km
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A scenic walk from Hawthorn Railway Station via Grace Park to 'The George' at Swinburne University, Hawthorn campus.

Hawthorn Railway Station to Swinburne's 'The George'

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This walk gives you the opportunity to get 75% of your recommended daily dose of physical exercise from simply walking to your destination. By getting off one station earlier you can enjoy a 20 minute walk through a green and scenic park while having the chance for some window shopping or a café visit along the way.

After leaving Hawthorn station, head towards the busy Burwood Road to the pedestrian crossing just left of the station. A little way along this road to your left is Elgin Street, with the Elgin Inn Hotel on the corner. Turn left here and after a minute you will notice you have crossed the railway line. Turn right to walk along Lennox Street which runs next to the rail lines.

At the end of Lennox Street is Power Street and straight ahead is the unnamed entrance to Grace Park. Cross this busy road using the island to stop in the middle if necessary. Enter Grace Park and follow the pathway towards the green oasis which will open up in front of you.

Being in this beautiful environment makes this walk worth taking the time to do. Continue along this path and up ahead is another delight; an oak tree-lined pathway. There are seats and a water fountain along this pathway and the tall trees provide shade and shelter.

At the end of this special section of the path, there is a wide and even surfaced pathway to the right. This is a shared walking and cycling pathway which takes you past the tennis courts and back into the street.

Head north along Hilda Crescent, then turn right onto Linda Crescent at the Hawthorn Football club and walk past Glenferrie Oval. At the end of Linda Crescent is some public artwork! On the corner building is a 6x3 metre mural painted by renowned Melbourne artist Adrian Doyle and some Very Special Kids, depicting life in Melbourne's leafy eastern suburbs.

Turn right onto Glenferrie Road, there is a supermarket and plenty of other shops and services along this road. Just ahead is a pedestrian crossing at the corner of Wakefield Street which allows you to safely cross this busy road and follow Wakefield Street all the way to 'The George' Building at the heart of Swinburne University.


Points of Interest

1. Crossing Burwood Road

After leaving Hawthorn Station, the safest place to cross Burwood Road is at this pedestrian crossing. Turn left at the Turn left at the Elgin Inn Hotel.

2. Lennox Street

Walking along Elgin Street, after you cross the bridge over the railway lines, turn right into Lennox Street.

3. Grace Park

This green oasis awaits you. A refreshing alternative to walking along the roads and a chance to breath in lots of fresh air!

4. Grace Park

A delightful feature of Grace Park is this tree lined pathway. There are seats and a drinking fountain along this shady path.

5. Walking path

Turn right onto this path to continue your walk through Grace Park. This wide and flat path is shared with cyclists.

6. Glenferrie Oval

Providing more greenery along your walk is Glenferrie Oval, a former Australian Rules Football stadium.

7. Linda Crescent Mural

Art work along your walk! Artist Adrian Doyle and some Very Special Kids depict life in Melbourne's leafy eastern suburbs.

8. Crossing Glenferrie Road

Swinburne University is just behind this group of shops. Cross here into Wakefield Street and continue into the heart of the campus.


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