Bushranger's Bay Trail

Bushrangers Bay Walking Track, Cape Schanck VIC 3939, Australia

Bushranger's Bay Trail

Bushrangers Bay Walking Track, Cape Schanck VIC 3939, Australia
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39 m
2.67 km
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This beautiful walk on the Two Bays Walking Track will take roughly 35-45 minutes each way.

Bushranger's Bay Trail

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This walk starts from Cape Schanck and ends down to a breathtaking beach. This walk has a few stairs and elavations so its a moderate to challenging walk, but well worth it!

This section of the park was purchased from abutting farms in 1977. A guide to this nature walk is available at the Cape Schanck kiosk for a small fee.

Swimming is NOT recommended at this site as the the beach is unpatrolled and often hazardous due to strong rips and large waves, also be careful when walking on the rocks (even at low tide) as there can be sudden large waves, so it is advised you stay on the beach.

Note: Bushrangers Bay can also be accessed along Main Creek from the Boneo Road car park and picnic area (2.5km). This section of the Two Bays Walking Track provides fine views and passes through shady Banksia groves.


Points of Interest

1. Start

You start the walk from the carpark.

2. No dogs or domestic animals are allowed

Because it's a national parks no animals are allowed.

3. Walking on the track

This is how the walk feels, you will feel enclosed and enjoying nature as you walk through it.

4. Breath taking views

There are numerous points to see the coastline.

5. Way down to the beach

This is the point were you can walk down to the beach.

6. Stairs to the beach

Be careful as you walk down to the beach as the stairs are uneven and unsafe when we walked, but may have been updated since.

7. Beach

Enjoying a stroll around the beach with a picnic, you never know what you may find! Swimming and playing in the rock pools is not advised as it is unpatrolled and subject to large, unexpected waves.

8. The locals

Watch out for all type of creatures, they may just sneak up on you.


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