Big Hill Track West, Greater Bendigo National Park

33 Granter Street, Big Hill VIC 3555, Australia

Big Hill Track West, Greater Bendigo National Park

33 Granter Street, Big Hill VIC 3555, Australia
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Located in the Greater Bendigo National Park and easily accessed from the Calder Hwy, this walk takes you through natural vegetation and past current and historic reservoir channels.

Big Hill Track West, Greater Bendigo National Park

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This walk takes you through Box-Ironbark forest which has been protected since 2002 and surrounds two reservoirs which historically supplied Bendigo’s drinking water. The walk follows a series of vehicle tracks so is nice and wide. Please stay on the tracks as there may be mines in the area which are unfenced.

Start at the Crusoe Reservoir and Number 7 Park. From here look for Gate 10 which is south of the carpark (Please note: someone has reported to Victoria Walks that it is better to follow the marked trails from Gate 11 as when they started at Gate 10 they got lost. Please check before proceeding). This gate is locked to restrict vehicle access and walkers will need to climb over it. There are currently no signs along this walk but the rangers were going to install them. It is a loop walk with the first/ last 300 metres one way. Please stay on the tracks as there may be unmarked mine shafts in the area. The map on this brochure is not to scale.

The first landmark after entering the National Park is a cement water race which the track crosses. The first race is empty, but walk a little further along and you will cross a race which is in use and another which is dry. Just beyond here is the first intersection. Take the track to the left, the track to the right is where you will finish the loop section of this walk.

This track is a long stretch of gently undulating rocky gravel. Continue along here until you see a number of yellow gas pipeline signs on both sides of the path. Just beyond these signs is a vehicle track to the right, which runs under the powerlines. Turn right here and walk towards the cream coloured water tank up ahead.

Next to the water tower is a brick building housing a pump station. The track lies to the left of the building, along the wall of the small dry reservoir to the left. Continue following this track and look out for an old fence to your left at the next intersection. From here continue straight, heading away from the fence. Shortly ahead is another wide intersection where you will turn right.

The number 7 reservoir is now on your left and you can catch glimpses of it along this section of the track. There are a few historic relics to your left to look out for, remaining from the days when this area was mined for gold in the 1850’s and 60’s.

The final fork in the road is the end of this loop section and you can take the track to your left to head back to the carpark.


Points of Interest

1. Big Hill Track West, Greater Bendigo National Park

The walk begins at the carpark for Crusoe Reservoir & Number 7 Park.

2. Historic Water Race

The track takes you over water races, some empty…

3. Water Race In Use

some full!

4. Track Intersection

Take the track to the left at this first intersection.

5. Water Tank

After the yellow gas pipeline sign, turn right and head towards the water tank.

6. Dam Wall

The track goes between a small empty reservoir on the left and this brick building on the right.

7. Old Fence

At this landmark, continue straight ahead.

8. Fork In The Track

Turn right here and continue back to the beginning. The Number 7 reservoir will be on your left.

9. View along the way

Number 7 Reservoir


Historical Interest Historical Interest
Local Treasures Local Treasures
Natural Trail Natural Trail
Park(s)/Garden(s) Park(s)/Garden(s)
General General
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Public toilets Public toilets


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