Horsham's Public Art and Heritage CBD Trail

13 McLachlan St, Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

Horsham's Public Art and Heritage CBD Trail

13 McLachlan St, Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

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The trail has been divided into two distinct precincts; the CBD Trail and the Gardens-River Trail. This map only shows the CBD section

Horsham's Public Art and Heritage CBD Trail

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The trail has been divided into two distinct precincts; the CBD Trail and the Gardens-River Trail. This map only shows the CBD section


On this trail we have featured only a portion of Horsham city's individual heritage places but you will notice much more on your journey. Places can be significant due to their 'aesthetic, historic, scientific, technical or social value to the past, present and future generations' (Burra Charter; 1999).

Horsham Rural City Council has been active in sourcing public art for the city. "Public art will contribute to the vibrancy of public spaces for the enjoyment of locals and visitors enhance the identity of Horsham and enrich the region's cultural life."

Taking place since 1995, Horsham's annual "Art is.." festival has offered the regional community a diverse program of contemporary performing and visual arts. Each festival has a theme that reflects an important element of the local environment or community.

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Points of Interest

1. "Post Office Bell" 2008

Dr Anton Hasell created the bell. Hassells "'Little Sister Bell" is suspended in the centre and chimes on the hour. Atop sits the historic 1880's Horsham Post office bell and a corella figurine.

2. Jubilee Hall / Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Jubilee Hall was opened in June 1924, the jubilee year of the Methodist Church next door.

3. Wesley Performing Arts Centre

Formerly the original Horsham Methodist Church (opened in 1912). Inside still today is the original pipe organ; the diapered designs on the display pipes are outstanding.

4. St Michaels and St Johns Church

Built in 1987; the award winning design is the work of distinguished and internationally renowned Australian architect Greg Burgess

5. St Andrews Uniting Church 1962

Designed by architect Keith Reed. Much of the original stone from the old church was used in constructing the new building. The stone was quarried from McKenzie Creek

6. Horsham Theatre

An outstanding example of the work of Bohringer, Taylor and Johnson, one of the most important and prolific cinema architectural firms in Australia

7. 'Platanus acerifolia: Woven Nest' 2009

This environmental work by Michael Shiell was installed as part of 2009 "Art is...Elemental" Festival.

8. Original Horsham Letterbox

This original Horsham Letterbox inspired the design of the Post Office Bell sculpture in Firebrace Street.

9. Horsham Town Hall / Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Built in 1938/39 as a municipal complex and was designed by Melbourne architect Charles Neville Hollinshed, who also designed Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne

10. Roof Top Ribbon 1998

During the 'Art is....Energy' Festival in 1998, New Zealand sculptor Jeff Thomson, "the undisputed Iron Man of Australasia", was commissioned to create a sculpture.

11. Boer War - Avenue of Honour & 'Roberts' Tree 1901

The only avenue to commemorate the Anglo-Boer war was planted in Horsham in 1901. The remaining elm of the original Avenue was planted to commemorate Field Marshall Lord Roberts.

12. Totem Pole 2000

Angie Polglaze was commissioned by the 'Art Is... A River of Time' Festival in 2000, to create this piece of Chainsaw Art. It was carved publically and noisily during the festival.

13. "Wimmera River Burnt Creek Meeting Place" 2007

The sculpture takes the form of a seating arrangement. The work uses stone mosaic to depict the intersection of the Wimmera River and Burnt Creek as a meeting place of the 5 traditional owner groups.

14. Painted Tiles 1997

Images on the tiles reference chnages in Horsham city life through the seasons. The pictures are the children's individual reflections on their culture and environment.

15. Bradbury Lane Mural 2008

Local visual artist Nichola Clarke worked with youth groups from the area to create the Bradbury Lane Mural. The inspiration for participants was to paint their idea of a future Horsham.

16. "Aerial" 2009

The metal sculptural mural "Aerial" depicts aspects of the Wimmera's unique landscape; a ravens eye view of the area made in conjunction with students of McKenzie Creek campus of Horsham College.

17. St John's Anglican Church 1957

Features an expansive wooden ceiling, various stained glass windows and two significant sculptures. 'Wayside Calvary' and 'Compassionate Christ'


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