Mansfield Botanic Park walk

High St, Mansfield

Mansfield Botanic Park walk

High St, Mansfield

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30 m
2.03 km
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A really nice walk in the heart of Mansfield. Really close to the shops and cafes if you have stopped for lunch.

Mansfield Botanic Park walk

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A really nice walk in the heart of Mansfield. Really close to the shops and cafes if you have stopped for lunch.


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A wonderful walk in the Mansfield Botanic Garden. Bordered by Fords Creek the gardens are a beautiful mix of native and introduced species. A popular location for walkers and runners, the park is also just the spot for a game of kick-to-kick or cricket with the kids.

It is open at all times and offers barbecue facilities, picnic shelters and tables, fitness station, a playground and toilets.

Dogs are also allowed to run off-leash within the gardens when accompanied by an owner.

If you are visiting, the walk starts on High St in easy walking distance from the shops, but there is also a car park at the gardens so you can stop for a picnic.

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Points of Interest

1. Bridge to the gardens

The bridge across from High St.

2. Kangaroo sculpture.

A first glance these sculptress of roos looked like the real thing!

3. Seats

There are lots of seats like this one around the gardens.

4. The pond

Unfortunately, when we were here the pond was dry and we are not sure if it ever fills up now.

5. The horses

There are sculptures of horses being ridden at both sides of a gate. The Botanic Park was initially the first racecourse in Mansfield 1870-1920s.

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6. The big seats

Some massive seats and a table, which are a bit of fun.

7. Commemorating women

A garden commemorating the contribution of women medical staff to the 1914-1918 World War.

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8. Pergola area

It was built by students on Mansfield Secondary School with Mansfield council, good on them!

9. Fitness station

If you are feeling like a bit ore rigorous exercise, this fitness station might do the trick.

10. The rocks

Beautiful rocky bead of a stream for when it rains.

11. The wonky bridge

Don't worry, you can walk on the path next to this wonky bridge, rather than across it.

12. Ford Creek

Wander down by the creek, its worth the detour.

13. Conifers garden

Love this little conifer garden.

14. Bird bath

The seat next to small birdbath, we sat but no birds came, must come back to see if they do.

15. Tall trees

Beautiful to see on a sunny day when the sun glints on the leaves .

16. Playground

The playground is popular wiht the local young ones and its next to the toilets, if need be.

17. The kookaburra

Don't forget to look up sometimes.


Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Park / Garden Park / Garden