Avenel Heritage and Nature Trail

Corner of Henry St and Scobie Street South, Avenel 3664

Avenel Heritage and Nature Trail

Corner of Henry St and Scobie Street South, Avenel 3664

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Avenel is a very pretty early Victorian rural township. The trail features natural beauty, parks, gardens and period architecture while taking full advantage of comprehensive signage throughout.

Avenel Heritage and Nature Trail

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Avenel is a very pretty early Victorian rural township. The trail features natural beauty, parks, gardens and period architecture while taking full advantage of comprehensive signage throughout.


A good place to begin is the town origin (1838) at Hughes Creek crossing. Informative signage begins here, including maps and Ned Kelly Trail markers. 100m uphill, find the Royal Mail Hotel (1847) Cobb & Co staging post.

Walk downhill to examine the historic sandstone bridge (1859). Ned Kelly lived in Avenel (from 1863) aged 8 to 12. He saved 7yo Richard Shelton from drowning 150m upstream. Enter Stewart Park via under the bridge. Magnificent river red gums line the trail. Hughes Creek was fertile territory for Taungurung hunting and fishing. Scar trees and artefacts mark their presence

At the corner of Queen St and Ewings Rd view the historic police residence (1870s) and Court House (1876). Also, see a Ned Kelly Trail sign. Note, if you follow this to the Kelly Farm, add 1.3km to the trail. Admire the CFA roses over the road. A cemetery visit comes later.

A cluster of churches. Consider the galvanised reno of Avenel–Nagambie Uniting Church (1886). St. Paul’s Anglican (1913) is a picture of neatness. St Mary’s Catholic Church (early 1900s), features a grand kurrajong tree and stained glass windows. Amongst them sits Avenel Memorial Hall (1963). Avenel Lawn Bowls Club (1959) features meticulous groundskeeping of natural grass.

Coming of the railway (1872) created businesses 1.5km from town origins. A number remain. The Post Office (1880) is now a Doctor’s / Pharmacy with food service! Opposite, is the site of the original General Store (1870s). Once operated by Gadd Brothers, it sells antiques, possum and merino products. The current PO / store is next door.

Maintained by volunteers, Avenel Station is an enthusiast and gardener must see. Across the railway, Harvest Home (1870) presents a beautiful hotel restoration. Further down Bank St, find more historic buildings: Bank St Pizza (Bank of Victoria 1873), 1800s cottages, the domestically renovated Grain Store (1870) and church, butcher (1950s) and baker (1930s) shopfronts.

Unless you want to play golf down the road, return to the Cemetery Queen St entrance. The lawn cemetery is ornamented with many plastic flowers. Observe the grand Arthur Bayley grave. He discovered gold in Coolgardie, WA. In contrast, Ned Kelly’s father “Red” is buried (1866) modestly.

Avenel has a proud history of fine gardens. Livingstone St presents an opportunity to enjoy more of them. Pay your respects in the Great War Memorial garden. View the well maintained guns.

Ned Kelly went to Avenel Common School (1856), replaced by Public School No. 8 (1874). Next door is the original Teacher’s residence.

Above Stewart Park, contemplate historic markers and the grave of a drowned pioneer. The Imperial Hotel site (1872) is Avenel Pub. You might feel like refreshment. Opposite, spot the remains of Whiteman’s Garage (1936).

Parking: available
Stewart & Jubilee Park: picnic tables, BBQs
Jubilee Park: toilets, potable water, playground, pool
No camping
Dogs leashed & under control

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Points of Interest

1. Informative trail signage

Throughout this trail, comprehensive signage and maps inform walkers about significant points of interest.

2. Royal Mail Hotel

Built in 1847, this was the site of the original Cobb and Co staging post above Hughes Creek.

3. Hughes Creek Bridge

As traffic to the goldfields and between Melbourne and Sydney put more pressure on the road, this six arch sandstone bridge replaced a timber bridge in 1859.

4. Stewart Park Nature Trail

Natural world beauty in the shape of a creekside trail under magnificent river red gums. What more could a walker want? Keep on walking to find out.

5. Jubilee Park

Car parking, picnic tables, BBQs, playground, pool, potable water, public toilets, tennis courts, historic features, gardens with leafy, sheltering trees. Local parks don't get much better than this.

6. Historic courthouse and police residence

Maintained in beautiful condition, these historic buildings sit proudly on the corner looking as good as they ever did. The police residence is now Avenel Neighbourhood House.

7. A cluster of churches

Three historic churches gather at this location to stand testament to the craftsmanship of days gone by.

8. Historic Post Office

A General Practice and Pharmacy that provides food service now operate here. This attractive building would have some fascinating stories to tell as everyone in and outside town passed through.

9. Site of the original General Store

A perfect setting for browsing antiques, the W. B. Gadd building oozes character.

10. Avenel Railway Station

The volunteer group that cares for this station do themselves proud. Lovely gardens, public art and a restored station house including a complete McKenzie - Holland Signal Lever Frame!

11. Harvest Home Hotel

If you want to experience the ambience of a fine mid 19th century hotel, this is the place to go. Renovated with remarkable attention to detail, this is a captivating building inside and out.

12. Avenel Cemetery

The lawn cemetery section features an explosion of colour in plastic flowers.

13. Red Kelly's grave.

Ned Kelly's father "Red" died when Ned was just 11. He was said to have died of "dropsy." Young Ned reported the death to the authorities.

14. Great War Memorial

Pay your respects to Avenel's war dead in a well kept garden featuring an upstanding monument and pristine guns. Take some time feel the power of the setting and consider its significance.

15. Attractive historic dwellings are spread throughout the town

Well presented homes with lovely gardens adorn Avenel streets. Many more than a century old are still looking grand. Proud locals tend their gardens regularly, attracting compliments from passers by.

16. Original Teacher's residence

Avenel School (No. 8) is significant in its own right. With the original Teacher's residence still standing next door, it is of even more interest. Occupants of this homely cottage had a short commute

17. Hidden history

At this location above Stewart Park, an oak was planted to commemorate the then Princess Elizabeth's 21st birthday. The oak has grown to obscure two other historic markers on this site. Seek them out

18. Cultural and Environmental Education

The roofed signs in the picnic areas of Stewart Park are a must view. The images are a treat. After reading, you will want to stay longer, explore further and enrich yourself in this ancient place.


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