Tarralla Creek Trail - a Station to Station Walk

Croydon Railway Station, Wicklow Avenue, Croydon 3136

Tarralla Creek Trail - a Station to Station Walk

Croydon Railway Station, Wicklow Avenue, Croydon 3136

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This linear walk is full of surprises. Nestled against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges, it follows Tarralla Creek from one special features park to the next. Amazing amenity packed into 9km.

Tarralla Creek Trail - a Station to Station Walk

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This linear walk is full of surprises. Nestled against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges, it follows Tarralla Creek from one special features park to the next. Amazing amenity packed into 9km.


This is a station to station walk: Croydon to Bayswater, no car required, arrive and leave by train or bus. Every amenity for pleasurable walking is available along the way.

At 9km this is a quite long walk, but you can relax afterward using public transport to get yourself home. There are good old fashioned shopping strips at both ends and one in the middle, so sustenance is not a problem.

It is a remarkable walk in that it pulls together one amenity packed parkland after another in an interconnected series you cannot anticipate unless you experience it for yourself. Each of these parklands has its own character and every one has a specialty role amongst a diversity of other functions. These parklands are connected by the bushy Tarralla Creek Trail (shared) that runs from Croydon to Bayswater.

The parks and tracks (gravel and sealed) are well maintained and rich in bushland vegetation. They contribute significantly to an enticing linear canopy and provide for physically interactive outdoor enjoyment across all ages.

If you begin from Croydon Railway Station you will encounter in sequence Croydon Park, Tarralla Creek Trail, Town Park, Eastfield Park, Gracedale Park, Dandenong Creek Trail, Marie Wallace Park and Bayswater Park. Check out the photos for the special features of each.

A tip to avoid walking into the sun, for an afternoon walk start at Croydon Station. For a morning walk start at Bayswater Station. Once you get to your destination station, catch the train back to your starting point or wherever home is.

There are many side tracks to explore without getting too far away from Tarralla Creek Trail.
If this walk seems too long, visit the parks either independent of each other or a few at a time. You are sure to have fun.

Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times unless in the specified off leash spaces - Eastfield Dog Park and Gracedale Park oval when not in use for sports.

Where bins are not provided, please take your rubbish home with you.

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Points of Interest

1. Croydon Railway Station

From here head to Croydon Park by crossing Main Street, Croydon and walking along Hewish Road. Hewish Road is directly opposite the walkway from the station to Main Street.

2. Main Street, Croydon.

There is definitely something about traditional Main Street strip shopping that supports a sense of local community. Pre walking supplies in abundance.

3. Croydon Park, so much to see and do!

Tarralla Creek Trail starts here. For vehicle arrivals, plenty of parking. Also, plenty to explore: footy oval, skate park, tennis courts, swimming pool. Gridiron ground, BBQ, picnicing & wetlands.

4. Croydon Park corner wetland.

Expect the unexpected all the way along this walk!

5. A big ground.

The Croydon Football Club home ground is surrounded by leafy parkland.

6. Town Park, Croydon.

Opposite the Swinburne Uni campus is another parkland packed with places to explore. Find the athletics track, lakeside library, U3A, Aquahub & gym, beautiful parkland, play spaces and waterways.

7. A park for everyone.

A bit of Tai Chi anyone?

8. Bridges across to many tracks and trails.

There is some impressive remnant vegetation like this grand River Red. The floodways have been prettily integrated into the park's tracks and trails with attractive bridge crossings.

9. Revegetation and informative signage.

There are many nature trails to follow from this point on. Maroondah Council is doing an amazing job of making these excellent recreational spaces even better.

10. What comes next?

Well, check this out. An amazing reimagining of the Tarralla Creek is in progress. This is already a great walk, but you will certainly want return again to monitor progress on the improvements.

11. Enter Eastfield Park.

You can choose to walk either side of Tarralla Creek. Why choose this side? Well OK, things have been pretty cool so far, but this bushy entrance to Eastfield Park beckons with even more offerings.

12. Eastfield Dog Park

I don't know who has more fun here, the dogs or their significant others. This very popular dedicated off leash space has all sorts of features to engage both animals and their human observers.

13. Eastfield Pony Club stables.

You can say "Hello" to the horses and their owners from the stable gates or watch them in action during training or one of the many events. This is a large parkland designed for lots of horsing around

14. Eastfield Trotting Track.

Wondering where the horses have enough space to be trained and compete? There is a beautifully maintained trotting track. Inside the track is a huge arena, big enough to accomodate many events.

15. Eastfield Shopping strip.

Conveniently located near the midway point, this well equipped shopping centre will easily provide enough sustenance to boost your energy for the remaining kilometres to come.

16. A well signed crossover.

After Eastfiield Road Shops, Tarralla Creek Trail follows Bayswater Road for a short distance before resuming via a well signed pedestrian crossing and then a foot bridge.

17. An ephemeral creek.

After rain the creek often runs with vigour. In between times, underground pipeworks provide for local urban drainage.

18. Gracedale Park.

The next bushy park is Gracedale. This is a popular BBQ picnic playground. Also on offer are tennis courts & a popular sports oval used for off leash dog & child's play when not hosting team sports.

19. The linear park to Canterbury Road.

After Gracedale Park, Tarralla Creek Trail continues as a well frequented linear park to Canterbury Road.

20. After Canterbury Road.

The Trail follows suburban Bungalook Road E after Canterbury Road. Then cross the bridge to meet Dandenong Creek Trail. Don't follow the railway to Bayswater yet (as pictured), go left instead.

21. Sir Hubert Opperman.

You are heading in the right direction if you pass the tribute statue to Australia's famous endurance cyclist of the 1920s and 30s, Sir Hubert Opperman.

22. Marie Wallace Park, Bayswater.

Turn right before the next bridge (pictured) onto the bushy entrance track to the gem of Marie Wallace Park. The turn is well signed.

23. A parent's and children's dream park.

This place literally crawls with kids of every age and description. It's all here. Bushland, BBQs, shelter, picnic tables and then some, like a traffic school and ......

24. Ball play.

Throwers and catchers, goalers and defenders, there is action everywhere or ....

25. A steam engine.

Did I say kids crawling everywhere? Maybe that was Engineers or .....

26. Clamber chutes.

Climbers and sliders or .....

27. Bayswater Park (The Baysie).

This great oval is home of Bayswater Football Club for men and women, boys and girls.

28. Skyboy.

Large scale public art in Bayswater. there is more and more of this to be discovered in the suburbs - a blessing, a privilege and a joy.

29. The new Bayswater Railway Station.

Where there once was a traffic snarling railway crossing there are now muralled underpasses to a bright new station.

30. The train home.

To return to Croydon catch a city bound train. Change at Ringwood to the Lilydale line. It doesn't take long and is a relaxing way to reflect on your novel 9km station to station walk.


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