Wyndham Park loop

Pedestrian Bridge, Wedge Street South, Werribee

Wyndham Park loop

Pedestrian Bridge, Wedge Street South, Werribee

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Wyndham Park is huge, family-friendly and fantastic! This short walk loops through Wyndham Park and along the stunning Werribee River in the centre of town.

Wyndham Park loop

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Wyndham Park is huge, family-friendly and fantastic! This short walk loops through Wyndham Park and along the stunning Werribee River in the centre of town.


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There's so much to see and do on this walk. Allow at least an hour to look around or longer if your little ones will want to play.

Wyndham Park was redeveloped in 2020 and the facilities are amazing. The design makes the most of the river - the beautiful natural asset in the heart of Werribee.

There are two large playgrounds, expansive lawns, woodland areas and places to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The park has drinking water, public toilets, bike maintenance equipment. Barbeques, picnic tables, outdoor exercise equipment are also available.

Leaving the park, the walk continues downstream along the river to Bungies Hole and the Angler's Club. Platypus have been seen in all sections of the Werribee River with recent sightings at Bungies Hole.

You can pick any point on the loop to start and finish your walk. Werribee Station is a great option for people taking public transport.

This map connects to Werribee to Riverbend Historical Park loop (8.21 km).

Thank you to the Werribee River Association and Wyndham City Council for contributing information and photography for this map.

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Points of Interest

1. Treetop pedestrian bridge

Enter the park via the bridge from Watton Street. Cafes in Watton Street are a great place for a bite and a drink before or after your walk.

2. View from the footbridge

Crossing the bridge you get lovely views of the Werribee River

3. A glimpse of the scale of the park

From the footbridge you also get a great view of the park's expansive lawns, paths and different recreation zones.

4. View upriver of the bluestone bridge from centennial bridge

Centennial bridge is an alternative starting point for this walk. Werribee station is located 200 m east of this point.

5. Sculpture

Public art along a gravel path to the boardwalk.

6. Boardwalk down to nature playground

Trees and bushes are a lovely feature of this park, creating shaded walkways and areas.

7. Nature play. Photo: Wyndham City Council

The nature-themed sensory playground is ideal for smaller children.

8. Off the paved path and into a woodland

Gravel paths give you the option to explore the bushland areas.

9. Enjoy the river and birdlife below. Photo: Wyndham City Council

An idyllic spot for river gazing! These seats are accessed by a gravel path off the main path.

10. Birdlife on the river. Photo: Werribee River Association

Purple swamp-hens, Eurasian coots, ibis and herons live on the river right in the city centre.

11. The tower playground. Photo: Wyndham City Council

A brilliant new playground with a large tower slide, swings, climbing structures and flying foxes.

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12. Smooth walking paths Photo: Wyndham City Council

The paths winding through the park are wide enough for shared use with a smooth surface.

13. Skate park

Under the new rail bridge, 50 metres off this track, is a popular skate park.

14. A quiet stretch of footpath

Leaving the park behind, this secluded and quiet section of the path follows the river behind the football and tennis clubs of Chirnside Park.

15. Kayaking on the river. Photo: Werribee River Association

Werribee River Association on the water at Bungies Hole.

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16. Bungies Hole

This lovely bend in the river was a natural swimming hole up until the 1950s. Swimming is not permitted. Today this is a popular spot for fishing.

17. Red wattlebird. Photo: Werribee River Association

Away from the playgrounds and noise of people, there are bird watching opportunities along the river.

18. View from underneath the pedestrian bridge

Climb the stairs up to the pedestrian bridge to complete the walk. Or, continue along the river path to extend the walk and avoid the stairs.


Public Transport Public Transport
Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden