Melbourne city street art and graffiti tour

Zevenboom Lane, Melbourne

Melbourne city street art and graffiti tour

Zevenboom Lane, Melbourne
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Updated March 2018: Melbourne is renown for its laneways and lively street-art scene. We encourage you to lose yourself in the moment, and perhaps see if you can find some gems of your own!

Melbourne city street art and graffiti tour

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Melbourne is famous for its arcades and laneways. There are many hidden art works tucked around street corners; little surprises waiting to be discovered.
Some of these creations are officially commissioned by the City of Melbourne, while others are less official ...
Of course, the nature of street art is that it's forever changing, so don't be too disappointed if the art displayed on this map has changed or worn away.

Want more Melbourne Street Art? Here's a link to our Fitzroy Street Art walk .

And here's a walking map created with a Melbourne photographer revealing the best places to get great photos of Melbourne.


Points of Interest

1. Start at Zevenboom Lane

This precinct near 'Little Lon' is a great place to start our street art tour proper. Consider this alley cat your guide?

2. Oh Donald! (on Hardware Street)

Sign of the times ... You may need a drink after seeing Trump sans clothes, so luckily there are some great bars along here as well as art works!

3. Detective stories

There's a series of images here that tell a story about the man in the suit. What's this guy up to?

4. Robot man on Warburton

Looks like the robot man has made friends with the weird creatures to his left. It seems robots need friends too.

5. Rankins Lane

Is that Toucan holding a spray can? Wander further along Rankins for more great finds plus an amazing green wall.

6. Smell the art ...

You may interrupt some live spray painting on Union Lane if you're lucky! Otherwise come and see what you can find - these walls are an ever-changing canvas.

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7. Mermans?

If you have time, take a little detour down Carson Place; Ttere some moody pieces along here.

8. A warning

Head down Howey Place and left into Presgrave - before all the lovely artworks and messages for the future are papered over?

9. Coffee and crowds on Degraves

Degraves has to be the ultimate coffee stop on your street art tour. You may see plenty of others hunting for art here.

10. Pedestrian subway gallery

* Note this subway gallery will be closed for the Metro Tunnel construction. (It was included as for many years it was used as a free art gallery space).

11. Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is the Grandaddy of laneway art commissions in Melbourne and is arguably where the city's street art reputation was honed. It's saturated with colourful creations.

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12. Side step

Take a left at Rutledge Lane where there are lots of interesting things to see. Not sure about this one though!

13. Protest (in crochet)

Hosier Lane attracts many artists who have something to say so keep your eyes wide and your heart open.

14. Food city?

Apparently not all the well-known chefs rendered here are popular with Melbourne's fastidious palates.

15. Great Scott! ACDC Lane

Now here's the whole reason we decided to update our street art route! ACDC Lane is unmissable if you truly want to understand this city, its love of live music and of art.

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16. More than music

Home to the much-loved Cherry Bar and a holy site for ACDC fans, yes. But there is more to love here if you care to look.

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17. RIP Malcolm

Did we mention ACDC?

18. Tattoo where the (art) is

Down on Duckboard Place you'll see what looks like a giant love letter to Melbourne, but there's also a reminder about the forgotten people in our city and everywhere.


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