Melbourne city street art tour

17 Little La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Melbourne city street art tour

17 Little La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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The city is full of curious, and ever changing, street art if you have time for a wander. Here is a selection. See if you can find more!

Melbourne city street art tour

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Melbourne is famous for its arcades and laneways. There are many hidden art works tucked around street corners, little surprises waiting to be discovered.

Some of these creations are officially commissioned by the City of Melbourne, while others are less official pieces of inspiration.

Of course, the nature of street art is that it's forever changing, so don't be too disappointed if the art displayed on this walk has changed or worn away. It's all part of the fun!


Points of Interest

1. Melbourne Artists' Supplies

This is my shop to get fancy paper, pens, paints and other bits and bobs. The staff are very helpful, and it's got a very groovy shopfront.

2. Mystery visitors

Hard to tell what this wall's about, you can make up your own story to imagine which mysterious spirits might visit the people who live in this building!

3. Dragon

This Chinese dragon looks like he's enjoying watching the traffic.

4. Detective stories

There are a series of pictures here that tell a story about the man in the suit. What's this guy up to?

5. Robot man

Looks like the robot man has made friends with the weird creatures to his left. Robots need friends too.

6. Nature's window

Can't see the trees in the city? Check it out here.

7. Smell the art

Live spray painting here if you're lucky! Otherwise come and see what you can find on these walls.

8. Al Pacino

I know it's not Al, but it looks like Al.

9. Ballet school

A lovely section on the joys of learning ballet.

10. Parquet man

Parquet man is a connoisseur of fine coffee too. He recommends TOFWD (The Organic Food and Wine Health Store) - on the corner opposite the subway entrance. They serve Fair Trade coffee.

11. Pedestrian subway gallery

Head down into the subway to check out the latest installations here. There's also a zine shop and other local fashion designers.

12. Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is the grand daddy of laneway art commissions in Melbourne. It's saturated with colourful creations. Well worth spending time looking around. Don't forget to look up every now and then!

13. Material

Yes indeed, lots of material!

14. Camouflage

Everything's been painted over with colourful tags and squiggles. See if you can find the rubbish bins. They're very well camouflaged.

15. High in the sky

The artists must have used a very tall ladder for this one.

16. Third eye

Haven't found your third eye? No worries, there's one here.

17. Malcolm

Homage the THE Malcolm. I like the way the reflection is painted on his glasses.

18. Pet viper

Paynes Place and Croft Alley is full of bits and pieces of street art, including this guy's pet viper snake.

19. Dragon in car park

Imagine the life of a dragon living in a car park. Not very glamorous! Maybe that's why he's hitting the can too.

20. Poetry

All sorts of interesting words and ruminations. See how many you can find (hint, don't forget to look up).


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