Photographer's walk: Melbourne's best views

Corner Alexandra Avenue and Anderson Street, South Yarra

Photographer's walk: Melbourne's best views

Corner Alexandra Avenue and Anderson Street, South Yarra

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Experience (and capture) the best views of Melbourne by taking this walk along the Yarra - past beautiful gardens, Southbank and some of the city's world-famous street art.

Photographer's walk: Melbourne's best views

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Experience (and capture) the best views of Melbourne by taking this walk along the Yarra - past beautiful gardens, Southbank and some of the city's world-famous street art.


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Not surprisingly you get the best view of a city on foot.

Victoria Walks asked Melbourne photographer Jim Zapsalis of Instagram's Walking Perspective to share with us some of his secrets to catching Melbourne's photogenic side.

Jim lives in an inner suburb of Melbourne and works in the city. He will often head into the city extra early and walk from the Botanic Gardens to the Central Business District along the Yarra River to capture great views of the city in the lovely, early morning light. He says an added bonus is there are fewer people so there is more time and space for photography.

But Jim also loves to capture the vibrancy and busyness of Melbourne during the day as people rush about for work, for shopping and of course eating and drinking coffee!

One of Jim's other pieces of advice on getting a good photo of Melbourne is to let the city's often derided weather work for you. Rainy weather or grey and threatening skies can produce the best photos of Melbourne.

Thanks to Jim for letting us use his photos and his words for this walking map of Melbourne.
Follow Jim's perspective on Melbourne at his Instagram account or at his Facebook page.

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Points of Interest

1. View from Morell Bridge

This bridge has a lovely French feel, and is only for walkers and cyclists. It used to have nice cobblestones. You can get lovely photos of the Yarra and Eureka Tower and nice sunsets in the evening.

2. Morrell Bridge

Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register this beautifully decorated bridge was also the first bridge in Victoria with reinforced concrete. It was closed to traffic in 1998.

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3. Capital City trail - stroll along the Yarra River

Head towards the city along the Yarra's south bank, passing the Botaic Gardens and King's Domain. You'll remember why Victoria was known as the 'Garden State'. Great views of the city the whole way!

4. Alexandra Gardens

As you get closer to the city, wander through the beautifully manicured Alexandra Gardens - laid out in 1904. You'll pass the rowing sheds and might see the star-shaped 'Federation' garden.

5. Over Princes Bridge to Southbank Promenade

Head up the path and across the Princes Bridge for some views of Hamer Hall and the Arts Centre spire before heading to the restaurant-lined promenade. Beautiful in the early morning light!

6. Sandridge Bridge

This former railway bridge is now a walking and cycling link across the Yarra and is now the basis for an art/history installation 'the Travellers' charting the journeys of 10 peoples to this place.

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7. Evening: Gas Brigades Fire Show along Promenade

In the evenings you can see the giant fireballs at particular times of night. Jim likes soaking up the atmosphere along here; the nightlife with people eating and drinking by the river.

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8. Cross the Seafarers bridge

Cross over here to the north side of the Yarra. This bridge makes a nice photo

9. Views of city from King Street end

There are some great views over the city here from the King Street Bridge and from the Aquarium

10. Good view of Eureka Tower

This is a good vantage point to get a photo of what is, for now, Melbourne's tallest building.

11. Cafe central - Degraves Street

One of Melbourne's more famous street art areas is Degraves Street. It's also a great spot to stop for coffee or a bite to eat.

12. Centre Place - the hustle and bustle!

This is one of Jim's favourite places in the city to take photos. It's wall-to-wall cafes and eateries. The life and colours are amazing after rain.

13. Hosier Lane, then ACDC Lane and Duckboard Place

The art here changes weekly (if not daily!) especially the two big walls outside Culture Kings where I was lucky enough to get this photo of Kanye West. Continue on this route for more laneway art.

14. Back down towards the Yarra

It's time to make your way towards the lovely Birrarung Marr - a great place to finish up our photography tour of Melbourne. Head across the train lines (their lights make for great photos at night).

15. Birrarung Marr

This park has a special feeling. It's a great place to sit quietly. I love the Federation Bells sculpture and the sound installation on the William Barak Bridge, from where you can see the MCG.

16. Angel sculpture

Deborah Halpern’s beautiful angel art structure - a great place to pause as you make your way back to the city centre.

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17. Melbourne's meeting place (Federation Square)

There's no better place to finish our walk than at Melbourne's meeting place.

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18. My favourite building

333 Collins Street. Note you are not allowed to take tripods into this beautiful old domed building.


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